Isaiah Rashad ‘Cilvia Demo’ Documentary

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Journey To Success.

It’s been a long road for TDE’s Isaiah Rashad. And in this short documentary, A Plus Filmz follows him from his first video shoot to the release of his recent project, Cilvia Demo.

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  • i think that Isaiah is one of the nicest in TDE.

  • brza

    4.5/5 solid effort – this kid has potential

  • Man this mixtape is seriously not being brought up as the best one this year.. it’s amazing, just cuz he from chatanooga too.

  • ₭i₦₲ ₵$₡

    He has potential, but just potential.

  • NativeKing

    ep is nice


    It’s sad his tape didn’t make more noise

  • Dope DOC. Avid TDE listener & havent listened to the EP as of yet but this will make me listen soon. Salute to homie. #TIMELESS

  • HipHop

    Dope debut. Ep is on repeat. Very promising start, lets see what happens next.