Kanye West On ‘Rap City’ (2004)

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Freshman Friday.

Before Obama became the most famous person from Chicago, Kanye set the tone 10 years ago today with his debut The College Dropout. Thematically,┬áthe became a template for artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and J.Cole. Thanks to TheDYNAMICS,┬áhere’s Kanye’s first appearance on Rap City. He talks about the album, wanting a Ma$e feature, and future aspirations. A decade later, it seems as if Ye got what he came for.

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  • The Weirdo

    Kanye still the same..We just keep forgetting how he was….

  • The Realest

    Been a Great video for every song 10 years before beyonce’
    My nigga kanye west is one of the best of our generation.

    • HeyBuddy

      True! Best of our generation. For this site to just have a Kanye anniversary is greatness of itself. I’m not afraid to say it but kanye changed my life and I thank his music for that and him as a person for that.

  • jsmooth

    Lol I feel like rappin too

  • Rumando

    10 years ago he made some of the best music we’ve heard in years now he gives the ppl “YEEZUS” which was pure trash!

  • The Incredible Creation
  • polopolo1

    He called the magazine to talk about why he wasn’t on the list……?lmaoo wale is that you?

  • jfraz1992

    one of biggest my inspirations

  • Frank Kennedy

    Damn Kanye hasn’t change at all. Dude still preaching the same stuff, just on a new platform now. I have to peep that original college drop out now doe

  • Frank Sinatra

    This so cool! Kanye ain’t changed! Who the fuck can tell Kanye to make it short. Or cut him off! Nigga paid his dues. Hhe can do what the fuck he wants

    • Shiz

      Exactly !!!

  • it’s the roc

    one of my favorite pieces of content to ever grace this site

  • inf

    Wont nothing better than watching Rap City after school.

    • HeyBuddy

      DAMN RIGHT! Especially always watching tigger coming up with rhymes off the top. Miss that show.

      • inf


  • GreenBergs

    this dude did a complete 180 ..sad

    • drewsmit24


  • Jaded

    ughhh It was all so simple then………sigh…. thanks internet for making me feel all old n depressed. *turns on yeezus* *turns it off* *throws ipod at wall full force*

  • Carlos Danger

    kanye west was the same then and now spoke is mind and strives for better.

  • Sam Robilotta

    wow this brought it back. I had recorded this on the DVR and made sure no one erased it, One of the best appearances of any rapper on any show. Freestyle was killer. Welcome to the world Kanye!

  • cain45


  • Classic footage