• Jon Long

    At least he’s a NYC cat doing NYC rap and not atl snap music like most NYC rappers

    • ShitYouNeedToKnow

      I hate this ignorant thinking music is music. You can bring other genres of music into hiphop but when you bring in other elements of hip hop its wrong? Were all inspired by each others style and there is none of this rap shit without NY so let’s stop that.

      • Yacht

        Real Shit.. I guess Kevin Durant got a Small Market jump shot cause he play in OKC…

      • wow

        It’s not really ignorant thinking… the thing is Hip Hop culture is being sold via music and fashion etc. Most of these NY rappers that follow the sound just want to make money. If the Dj Mustard LA sound completely takes over tomorrow they will do that. I remember in NY. Queens sounded like Queens, Brooklyn like Brooklyn, Shaolin like Shaolin, Harlem like Harlem etc etc. Rappers need to stop chasin that buck and make the shit that represents them in the truest sense. There is no way you can be trappin, turnin up, sippin lean in every rhyme and your from NYC. You can be inspired but once upon a time RAPPERS could not bite other RAPPERS! its like how can you hear Bronson and not think of the shark biters skit on cuban linx. Things sure have changed

    • ShitYouNeedToKnow

      If a rapper like asap rocky likes southern music then let him be true to himself. As long as everyone does not sound the same hip hop lives!

  • Yacht

    “You can’t bring nothing to the table, this your last plate…” VADO


    This is a nice project from Vado. I feel like he’s finally finding his feet as a solo artist since he departed Cam’Ron

  • Music may be music but regional sounds are the reason hip hop has different levels. Hip Hop is better when a particular sound comes from a particular place. When everybody does the samething the shit gets stale and redundant. Music is music but ppl forget hip hop isnt just music its a culture and the differences is what makes it great.

    • Trillionare

      Never thought of it that way… I feel you!!

  • Should’ve stayed with Killa this shit is hard to like