• Cunner
  • Don Gordo

    This sh!t is trash, Meek needs a ghostwriter…bad. He keeps Trav around, should use & pay him for hooks at least.

  • TruthTeller

    Meek is really lacking in subject matter. Every verse sounds like the last one. This song is mild sauce. Not a bad song but he’s just not pushing the envelope. This song definitely won’t get him back hot. He’ll still be performing the intro to his first album until he actually comes up with a new hit. MMG better step it up. Ross just shot 3 bricks. One with Future, One with Jay-z, and one with Jeezy. Meek will probably be following suit.

    • Brison Bp Porter


      • ny lost cuz of this

        man u right..ross has bricked with most of his solo songs in last year. nobody in his paid team of blogs will post anything bad concerning his status of zero buzz and falling off last 12mths.
        but yeah without the jay and drake feature nobody gives a fuck about his music…same with 90 percent of mmg artists. maybe wale. but after that zero buzz for the rest.
        meek went from buzz to ice cold in 12 mths.
        all his songs are borderline annoying. that screamin ass flow is wack.
        think maino was clowing him on that WHAT HAPPENEND track with jada. nowonder NY losing supporting this garbage music.

  • MMG Suede


  • Meek will NEVER FLOURISH until he start rappin like a PHILLY NIGGA & stop sounding like a ATL/MIAMI NIGGA. Point blank. Gotti BODIED. (As he should, it’s HIS lane) This track is beyond WACK.

  • inf

    Meek was one of my fav new rappers. I guess the success turned his hunger into cockiness. Same content, dffrnt beat. Smh.

  • The Meek train is derailing lol

  • Matt


  • Marley71

    I feel it’s my duty to root for Meek, but damn he makes it hard. C’mon son? I guess these guys looked up to trappers and not MCs when they were growing up, so they’re not trying to do anything for the art form, they’re just trying to stack.

    I can’t see how you write a rhyme like this and show it to…Black Thought, or Beans, and say “This shit right here, this shit right here, is fire.”

    You can’t be proud of this trash as an MC, but they’re not MCs they’re “businessmen”.

    Arsenio said that Quincy Jones told him to notice that in the word show-business, business was the bigger word, and to focus on that. Great advice if you’re in show-business, terrible advice if you are an artist/MC.

  • inf

    Hate when rappers makes us fans with their hunger, drive, hustle, & motivation then have a lil success and completely switch up and only talk about lifestyles of the rich & famous. Thats why I only listen to most 1st albums because after that everything is repetitive. A formula. Seems like the love is lost and its all about money afterwards.

  • mr always snappin

    Meek said he wasn’t releasing any new music so my guess anything that comes out for a lil while anyway is gonna be tracks that didn’t make dream chasers 3 or what ever else. Like a lot of artists do to keep the streets fed until they ready to go hard