Young Thug Covers FADER


Flavor Of The Month.

Young Thug left the dress in the closet and strikes a pose on the cover of FADER’s spring style issue. You can peruse the story here¬†and watch a behind the scene clip below.

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  • bill buggy

    This nigga Gay

  • Datduderay

    This nigga definitely gay

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    First Gay Gangster Rapper … MARK MY WORDS !!

  • the instigator

    I’m tryna see just HOW fine the broad takin the snaps is………
    Y’all niggaz worried about how gay young thug is!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How gay is that??!!!!!!!

    • Aristotle

      ^^^ this guy here …prolly gay lol

  • ShitYouNeedToKnow

    “Or the fader fuck your magazine hater when I say that I’m the greatest I ain’t talking about later.” And I thought Lil B was the first gay rapper?? “If kanye refuses to work with my imma fuck him in the ass”

  • LP1087

    Fucking hip hop, boi I tell ya

  • Prince Of Snark

    Good for him. I was hoping when he was going to receive the cover honors.

  • Matt

    this nigga said “flavor of the Month” mad homo

  • Rap Real

    Well damn. I was leaving a comment to ask “is this nigga gay” and that was pretty much answered. Thank you all.

    This nigga gay.

  • Ken ken

    I’m Done With Hip Hop I Quit Man…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    ya talking he gay then don’t comment ya stupid motherfuckers, young thug no what his doing.. he no the only way to make some money out this rap shit is to be on some weird shit.. so stop with ya comment.

  • shit

    this website is so fucking lowkey homophobic its sickening, fuck yall ignorant ass niggas man.

  • Mermaids world

    I’m convinced
    damn nn.
    Hmu on instagrAm..


    Pretty girls rock.

  • bucks

    yeah those last seconds of the clip clearly shows he gay,…but I will give credit where its due and he’s probably the best out of his demographic (i.e. chief Keef, migos, Future, etc.,)

    • The Incredible Creation

      Future >>>>>>>

  • The Incredible Creation

    Sooooo when is this guy coming out of the closet”? =/ ….lol as far as this little “buzz” he has going on …..its like he’s the 2014 version of Trinidad James… yea?

  • Stymie Beard

    Niggas have gon’ bed’y-bye and are asleep at the wheel. Ignorance is at an all-time high and black men are being sterilized by the day. Some of you are too lost or stupid to realize it. Turn up! SMH… monkey music, coon-tunes, ni99er noise… I hate today’s cRap music.