Diddy Talks New Single “Big Homie”

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At The Waffle House.

Puff’s got a new album on the way and already has the first video in the can. Shot in Atlanta, Miami, and New York the song is called “Big Homie” (Not to be confused with this guy) and features Rick Ross and French Montana. Apparently, French is quarterbacking the project. Big shoes to fill.

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  • Peekay

    I wish this guy would just stick with marketing and business and leave music the F alone. Can’t stand him.

  • Carlos Danger

    diddy that dude can’t front on sean.

  • Jon Long

    His marketing n business will suffer if he doesn’t stay out front as an artist. Btw where is the red cafe guy? I saw an old interview from 2003 saying “my debut album the shakedown coming in Sept”. Sad thing is he’s had about 10 more interviews saying the same thing since then lol! Cafe should have stayed a NYC rapper and not try to be an atl snap rapper. Besides french took his spot with that already lol!


  • Can NOT hate on this. At all. If you hate on this, you hating on SUCCESS. Salute to Puff. #TIMELESS

  • miamigardensOG


  • sincereakilleez

    Salute homie

  • Rapkid

    It’s shocking. Very big. Puffy is sing greatest music ever. One loves bro.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Cafe is talking bout his album since the 90s

  • The Incredible Creation

    smh he want Ross to be the new Biggie so bad lol

  • Cmon Son

    Diddy adopted the MMG goons or what? Lil niggas be running around his ankles like Da Band

    • LuckyP

      you sound mad you aint down with them niggas