• AlexanderPeace

    Isaiah Rashad is a breath of fresh air, the rest are pollution.

  • MAB

    Why they had Isaiah Rashad next to these bums, I wish I would of stopped listening after isaiah smh

  • Sun Zoo

    Broken Belt Gang.

  • Facts

    Isaiah renegaded every other nigga in that room without effort. Another L for NY.

  • peeddiddy

    isaiah is so gay! straight as gay. hiphop died a ling time ago! gosh! thanks god battle rap is back and alive, but soon there’ll be gay looking and talking rock wanna be rock stars stars mamma’s boys like isaiah standing on that stage. i can’t stand him. the way the kid walks and talks is straight mama’s boy. it’s so gay!

  • quicksilver

    dude D was on point…Goodbelt!