Kanye “Never Let Me Down” & Cypher Film

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The Old Kanye.

Kanye’s former videopgrapher Coodie Simmons, blessed Complex with some of footage from his archives. The first is from his studio session with Pharrell. His reaction after listening to his verse from “Never Let Me Down” is priceless. The second is a cypher with Consequence.


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  • guest12222

    theres no old kanye he as a person is the same, music has just evolved with the times.

    • Public Hairs

      Nah, his raps on CD vs MBDTF are proof that there is an old and new. Content proves this. He is NOT the same person.

      • guest12222

        would “content” not fall under the category of music? and if you read any interviews from college dropout years vs now, his bold eccentric claims, confidence and vision hasn’t changed one bit. Rappers can’t rap about the same thing all the time if they aren’t necessarily living it, doesn’t mean his personality and character has changed…

        • Public Hairs

          “Music” is too ambiguous a term so I opted for specifics.

          His bold/eccentric energy may not have changed, but the direction he opts to go in doesn’t move the culture forward the way he did in his early years.

          His mother’s death seems to have sent him down the darkest of paths and I cant say I blame him. Also, he’s super rich now, your personality/character does change, as demonstrated in his music. He went from “Jesus Walks” to devil this, satan that.

          • Devon AKA D Menyce

            You never change as a person you just become who you truly are.

          • Public Hairs

            I agree, but that’s a form of “change” dude lol.

  • Sosa

    Damn, how i miss this Ye..

  • Dwight Stewart

    never let me down was a classic song

  • Hollywood the God

    why do we miss the old ye so much???

  • Damian Marshall


  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Tears to my eyes….



  • Kanye Mahn! What a Legendary being

  • tmb

    look at all he’s done dude. just ignore your personal opinions of him for a minute and just look at the facts. all he’s accomplished since then. you gotta appreciate him dude. he’s done everything he dreamed of. it’s only inspiring to me