New Music: Game Ft. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc “Thot”

SKEE Live With The Game

Couldn’t Get Far.

Those hoes over there aren’t going to like this. Game and company keep it G on this new track inspired hip-hop’s favorite acronym.

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  • Chronic

    Jesus Christ…really game?? What the fuck you doin man…used to make actual music and now he’s resorting to bay beats making dance songs.

  • Chronic

    Problem destroyed this shit though

  • Cmon Son

    Game one of the most washed up rappers next to Fabolous…wish he would hang it up

    • jfraz1992

      what?? fabulous be still killing shit! soultape 3??

      • Cmon Sonc

        Yeah nah

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Fabolous yes Game no

  • Y.O

    game always copying trends

  • Fiyah

    Hate when niggas hop on shit when it’s “hot.” Game my nigga, but this is LAME!

  • Viva La Raza

    banging beat, stupid concept…
    wonder if Game’s daughter would like this?

  • Dmfslimm

    Mane that shit rolling. It ain’t for the mainstream. That shit went hard.

  • Televised Revolution

    Man this shit goes hard Game had a hard verse and he didnt switch his style at all. And to all these niggas in the comment section bitchin Game is from cali hes supposed to hop on mustard and league of starz beats. Mustard gave him a hit with Same Hoes its in radio rotation now!

  • Matthew Morgan

    Yes the topic is irrelevant but his verse was tight…

  • AceWASH

    Yall act like its a single

  • lol this is kinda cool

  • Brandon Hill

    Game went the fuck in on this shit

  • mommas

    King Game