Drake Apologizes To ‘Rolling Stone’


My Bad.

Following yesterday’s shit storm, Drizzy had a moment of clarity and apologized for his tweets against Rolling Stone. Mature move on Drake’s behalf, but rappers have got to stop giving country to outlets that don’t give fuck about their feelings.

With today being the 5th anniversary of So Far Gone I figured it’s fitting to return to it’s place of its origin in order to clear the air about an extremely emotional day. I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing me on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He is one of the most incredible actors of our time and a man that deserves to be immortalized by this publication. My frustration stemmed from the way it was executed.

The circumstances at hand are completely justifiable (on the magazines behalf), but I was not able to salvage my story or my photos and that was devastating. They ran the issue without giving me a choice to be in it or not. I would have waited until it was my time because I understand the magnitude of the cover they chose but I just wasn’t given that option and that made me feel violated.

I apologize to anybody who took my initial comments out of context because in no way would I ever want to offend the Hoffman family or see myself as bigger than that moment. I am still the same person. Today I was forced out of my character and felt the need to react swiftly.

These days are the worst ones. Waking up after a great night in the studio and it’s your day to be picked apart. After dwelling on it for a few hours or days you will come to the conclusion that you brought it on yourself almost every time. So here I am having that moment. I once again apologize to everybody who took my cover comments the wrong way. I respect Rolling Stone for being willing to give a kid from Toronto a shot at the cover. I guess this is a day to learn and grow. 

The Boy

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  • maine

    And he is hating on Macklemore for apologizing?

    • tlox

      Drake did something wrong and he apologized……Macklemore won a Grammy and apologized?!…..BIG DIFFERENCE

  • Home Of Philly

    Well said… The difference between Drake and 90% of the rapper out today is that he is articulate enough to get his point across in an intelligent manner and smart enough to know that if you own up to your mistakes/flaws early than it becomes yesterday’s news immediately.

    • Cmon Son

      Agreed, I thought it was highly immature of him to speak out the way he did by disrespecting the dead but he showed a great deal of maturity in this apology. Salute.

    • Chronic

      He’s also goin back on how he actually feels about shit…he’s a fake ass dude. He’s even being passive aggressive at rolling stone with this shit

    • tututhebadboy

      You’re crazy. The only difference between Drake and 90% of rappers out today is that within that way that they articulate themselves (as an artist) whether over beats, on the radio, or any interviews.. Is that he found a way to be a bitch about it a lot of times and still sell records and get accepted. The only thing he’s sorry about was the fact that he came out his mouth wrong abt a legend and a publication both way bigger than any platform he’s ever had/will have, and lost the cover. Otherwise, after the business aspect, every rapper knows exactly how to speak when necessary. You get fooled by the “rap voice” and slang because you prob don’t believe half these guys can read. You’re wrong and the reason you’re so wrong is because you don’t know shit about the genre! Idk you really but I want to start this with u because these overly excited ass drake fans always excuse his stupidity and asshole ways because he apologizes. He’s no better than any man or artist. Yet you’ll hate on Trinidad James’ NY comments that he probably researched the numbers on, and stood behind until he got too fly at the mouth. Don’t get fooled by the hype young Pattawon… There are plenty of artist in this game and definitely within that 90% that articulate better than Drake bcuz when they do it, they don’t Apologize.

  • New Slave

    WACK AS F%@&K!

  • davman26

    Enough said…now lets get it!!

  • guess

    This guy is GAYASSFUCK

  • guess

    I hate Drake

  • guess

    please stop making music Drake, please let this guys 5min be up

    • Sam Robilotta

      5 minutes? hmm seems like he been here for more then 3 years to me. Irrelevant comment, next!

      • tlox

        5 years to be exact So Far Gone was released Feb 13th 2009

  • Real Dope Brother

    Sincerely, The Boy? Drake a grown ass man aint he, who is “the boy”? Corny.

    • tlox

      yet there’s 40+ old rappers calling themselves ‘snoop lion’

      • Chronic

        Don’t ever diss snoop. Dude is a fuckin rap legend and he can do whatever the fuck he wants

        • intelligentsoul

          Snoop still a man though…outside of the “legend” status

          • Chronic

            Yea just a man who made one of the true classic rap albums of all time, changed rap when he came out, puts on crazy good live shows too this very day, and has been in movies…

  • PoorHomieeQuann

    drake the type of nigga to sneak up on his homie cover his eyes and say guess who

  • sincereakilleez

    Whack as fuck.
    Didn’t address Yeezy, Mack, or Loso
    Niggas won’t comment when they know niggas is listening. Be a man and say what it was. This shit ain’t nothin but stating the obvious.

  • brza

    *Drake voice* started

  • bigmike7

    I’ve seen his interviews and sometimes I wondered if he admired Kanye a little too much and picked up on that god complex. You see how fast the media turns on celebrities Drake should be looking at Bieber Kanye Chris Brown as examples of how not to behave when it comes to the media and twitter. This apology showed he was able to acknowledge his mistake and explained the mix up with the cover . It seemed sincere too. Drake needs to take that Jay Z route and let the hate come from jealousy not from actin a fool in interviews. He is actually lucky that for the most part (besides the memes and Rihanna) most people just talk about the music. If you go on worldstar there could be a post about Drake and all the comments will be about how soft he is or “drake the type…” but if you go on any post there that talks about the rumors of his leaving Young Money all those same dudes with the jokes are out there big uppin him saying that he is better off without that label.. he’s way better than them .. etc.. I think Drizzy think he’s hated but If you were hated? You wouldn’t have sold 650k+ your first week even with a leak 9 days before (n*ggas don’t buy music if its free but they do when its good) and that tour was almost sold out the whole way through… Kanye been acting the past year and he suffered slow album sales and weak tour sales. Whatever you were doing before was working don’t let that ego bring you down… Rap game changes golden boys every couple of years if Drake wants to still be here he should stay humble and just keep making music.

    • Ghb

      Well said

    • HBK

      Weak tour sales?

      uh, Kanye had the 2nd highest grossing tour of 2013. Behind a Beatle.

      Yeezus was an even “riskier” album than 808s and it went platinum last month. went gold 2 months after release. SO, What weak sales are you speaking of?

      Better yet, WHAT are you comparing it to?

      Drake’s album did better no doubt, but c’mon son, ease up on talking that bull…

  • SmokeYou

    Stfu Drake.

    • tlox

      you first

  • AJ Thomas Ox

    the end

  • This entire shit is FEMININE. What would Tupac do? What would DMX do? What would Eminem (MMLP1 days) do? I swear on EVERYTHING I LOVE, I’m NOT apologizing for SHIT I say when my voice is bigger & matters cause I will have said it the CORRECT way the FIRST TIME. Rebuttals & not going with your FIRST INSTINCTS as a man are for SUCKER ASS NIGGAS. I’ll still enjoy Drake’s music though. I’m no hater. #TIMELESS

    • charlamagne tha god’s piehole

      its not feminine you see how times have changed? weezy and rick ross lost their deals for innapropriate lyrics dmx 2pac and Eminem never did because ppl weren’t as sensitive now
      drake has endorsements and that raptors gig… even though what he did wasn’t crazy or anything if you want $$$ watch what you say and how you act

      • Rick Ross is still with Reebok. I give two shits about Wayne, he disrespected Emmitt Till during Black History Month with a wack irrelevant ass bar. Money ain’t everything. I’ll be satisfied with what I attain from my GIFT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I will NOT be censored by society. Fuck that.

  • ¥Serino¥