Kanye Calls Out Charlamagne & Sway At Penn State

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Shut The Fuck Up!

Kanye continued his Yeezus experience last night at Penn State. He halted his performance of “Touch Of The Sky” and called out radio personalities, Charlamgane Tha God and Sway (2:33 mark). What the fuck did you do?!


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  • @Dev_Da_Dude93

    Kanye is a fraud, he was on breakfast club and he ain’t had nothing to say to Charlemagne to his face!! I can’t wait when he respond and go in on this skirt wearing whining ass Rapper!!!!!



    • Cmon Son

      He didn’t say anything to him then simply because it would have generated views/listens & ultimately would have benefited C the Cornball & Power 105 way more then it would have benefited Kanye & he basically said as much during the interview. Smarten up.

      • Epul

        He did it with sway tho..

        • wow

          I think it was the fact that Sway should be smarter. I think Kanye’s point is more that there is a racial element involved in him not having the proper clothing deal. For sway to say “just do it yourself” like its that easy when its not that easy upset him. I think he would expect that from a Charlamagne type of character and was prepared to ignore it at the breakfast club. Sway is different.

        • GreenBergs

          lol sway needs those views, kanye knows that …

      • Dwight Stewart

        Naw he punked out. if you were right then why did he react to Sway on his show. Kanye new he couldn’t go back and forth with slick talking Charlamagne…He chose his battle wisely.

        • @Dev_Da_Dude93

          Spot on

        • Guillermo Junior

          him and sway are friends

          • Anthony Hd

            lol how you know you got both their numbers?

          • Guillermo Junior

            its known, kanye west gave sway his “first tv” before kanye was even big

      • bigfoot2011

        Wow u a moron. He shouldn’t have gone on the show at all if he didn’t want to benefit charlamagne. Him being exposed on the show helped charlamagne. Kanye only stands up to weak ppl

    • wow

      Actually when Kanye got to Sways show that day before the “You aint got the answers” thing he said that he wouldn’t even look at Charlamagne because he knew where it would go. Avoiding a conflict makes you a fraud? I’ve watched plenty interviews where Charlamagne has toned it down for specific guests probably because he was avoiding conflict. It’s too many people these days that would rather see the Kanye fights Charlamagne headline than a Kanye gets multimilllion dollar clothing deal headline. Smarten up young boi! Also before the breakfast club interview i saw Charlamagne with Vladtv talking about Kim is a slut yadda yadda , wasn’t none of that during the interview though. The bottom line is none of these dudes is tough!

      • Nathaniel

        i’d say it’s tough to break into the music industry, have the 10 yr run ye had (roc a fella split, george bush comment, taylor swift jawn, fiance break up and mother’s death, build a label roster, and keep building yourself and image in the midst of an american news media that is poised against your very character. “hello white america, assassinate my character.”)

        you gotta be tough to go through all that, and still come out swinging like it ain’t nothin on Yeezus. i know you were responding to that fighting shit they talkin bout, but i’m just highlighting what REALLY makes a man, for niggas.

      • bigfoot2011

        Nigga stop ducking dick. Charlamagne said disparaging things on vlad tv and to kanye’s face. Kanye has a history of responding and attacking weak ppl. He didn’t respond to charlamagne cuz he was scared

    • cain45


    • White. People. Crazy.

      Kinda like how your idol CharlaMAGNE ain’t have nothing to say to Gucci and Waka’s face when they came up to his show after saying they were essentially wack rappers.

      • DatRudeNIGGA

        Yeah he was scared you could see it esp Gucci interview.

    • OneAdam12

      Sometimes you have to be the bigger man and not entertain ignorance .

  • Wil

    Ye sounding like Chris Rock!

  • Matt

    LMAo kanye is my nigga

  • polopolo1

    lmaoo welp kanye just solidified himself a spot as donkey of the day

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      lol yea most definitely

  • Dwight Stewart

    tears!!! poor baby. Give this nigga a hug.

  • The realness

    Kanye works HARD — Produces, Raps, Designs, etc. Charlemagne does nothing but criticize criticize criticize!! Anyone can be a critic — ANYONE!!!

    Kanye shouldn’t have given him those 2 minutes. He didnt deserve it!

    Kanye has influenced decision, companies, people, even countries. How he does it is his model — it works! It may not be the most accepted method but it works!!

    Charlemagne is just a looking ass n*gga with a big mouth and a major inferiority complex!

    • Someone with some damn sense

      Sway and Charlamagne both out here grinding hard too..Sway working for MTV news, and Shade45 Morning show everyday…not to mention all the other side shit he has going on. Charlamagne got a TV show, TV appearances all over the place, his morning show, etc. To discredit and try to take away from these niggas is the lowest form of fuckery. Fuck Kanye West and the high horse he rode in on. Fuck his fake hobbit looking ass wife too and his ugly ass zebra baby.


      ^^^it’s dumb ass people like you that are filling Kanye’s head up in the first place with that bull shit. Just cause the dude wears kilts, wack sunglasses, and put out some ugly ass overpriced red shoes doesn’t make him the next Steve Jobs or Walt Disney.

    • bigfoot2011

      Ur very stupid. In the pantheon of ppl who have changed the world, Kanye is nowhere. My mom listened to his album and new every song from the 60’s. Her response was, “these aren’t musicians”. “How can they completely steal a beat and chorus”. Outside of hiphop, this guy is nobody

  • yup

    I’m over this. This tour and album is so last year..same ol rants kanye. You just paid 240k to an 18 you socked..and your kardashian clan just renewed their contract.. same ol shit..shut the fuck up


    This fuck boy isn’t getting another dime from me…not for his albums or his wack ass elementary fashion designs. To discredit two hardworking men is something I would expect from a female.

    • White. People. Crazy.

      Like how they discredit him??? Hypocrite alert…

  • jsmooth

    Hilarious… looked like a goid show!

  • Real Dope Brother

    Does Kanye really thinks he’s done something important over the past ten years besides entertain? I like dudes music but the boy should stop making these ignorsnt rants. Sway was right. See the buckshot interview on hot97 where he explains how you don’t have to be a label slave to make a shoe. A know it all never learns nothing new, which is why he will never learn the answers. PULL YOUR SKIRT DOWN KANYE, YOUR PUSSY’S SHOWING.

    • Lee Miller

      have u seen buck’s shoe anywhere besides dr jays like who is gonna buy it lol. nike has the media on lock don’t get it twisted

      • Real Dope Brother

        Kanye says you can’t make a shoe with the proper materials, fabrics, color ways, etc. without a label like Nike or Adidas. Watch the Buckshot interview he has the answers on how to do it without being a label slave. And FYI Buckshots shoes haven’t dropped yet and Kevin Durant is making his shoe without Nike or Adidas etc. too. If Kanye is as great as he says he is, sets trends, makes things hot, if he’s Walt Disney, Warhol, or Shakespeare, then he should put up or shut up. Don’t go around singing and rapping about people being label slaves while voluntarily being a slave to labels yourself.

    • Nathaniel

      son you’ll never see buckshots shoe anywhere significant in a yr. he doesn’t have the manufacturing, production, nor resources (financially) to push that shit into mainstream america. he spent all that money just to say “hey i did a shoe myself, it’s pretty” but that’s where the buck stops. kanye already knows these things. it takes hundreds of millions to produce clothing and footwear with OWNERSHIP. don’t be deceived.

      • Real Dope Brother

        You should really watch the interview with Buckshot on Hot97 with Ebro. Buckshot has the answers. If Kanye wants to make a shoe, get the respect and money that his talents deserve, then he should drop Adidas and link up with Buckshot, Kevin Durant, the Asian connection and really make his own shoe, not just a shoe from a corporate brand thats going to pimp him.

      • bigfoot2011

        Ur a moron. Kanye doesn’t care about Black ppl. Kanye wants to be accepted and loved by the white man. He is so determined to fit in and be accepted by Parisian high fashion and has morons like u following him thinking that he’s fighting for u. Smh. I’ve been to Paris. They don’t accept him cuz he has no credibility in that world. Just like Tom ford can’t go to Def Jam and ask for 10 mill for a rap album

  • Hussle

    definition of a bitch ass nigga!! talkin all loud when he’s afar

  • Nathaniel

    well, if you can tell a man by his works…

    yeezus got a hell of a point. don’t be mad with your emotions, just bear witness to truth. charlamagne and sway were both out of line. charlamagne isn’t llstening, so he misinterprets and tries to trivialize what ye is doing. sway ain’t listening, he just want ye to freestyle on some “we miss the old kanye that just rapped at the radio.”

    niggas gotta grow, making rap songs ultimately isn’t what any man was born to do. there’s more. and we’re stupid to not be able to see that kanye is a brother we ought to cheer on, not try to clip his wings. who knows what the next 10 years will hold for him, and hell for us, through him, if we just get behind him. nigga had the most epic 10 years in rap music we’ve ever seen. seems simple to me. niggas be mad at ye like he did something personally to us, and he didn’t. every thing he does is gift-oriented. shut the fuck up.


    kanye fan base are a bunch of clowns


    kanye is a bitch george zimmerman called him out he said absolutely nothing

  • brza

    true story during the College Dropout tour in Denver CO halfway through the show Kanye shouted “Thank you Seattle” and of course the audience didn’t take kindly to this in which he replied “Y’all can’t boo me I saved Hip Hop” with no apology no nothing and over half of the crowd including myself walked out and from the looks of this he hasn’t changed much Sway has been a respectful voice in Hip Hop since the day and deserved better than that

    • LuckyP

      the fuck does this story have to do with a gottdamn thing other than gaining condolences that you’ve been stuck in fuck ass denver for over 10yrs.

      • brza

        take a day off get a massage lol my point was that Kanye only respects Kanye and that’s it

        • LuckyP

          LOL as he should nigga !!

  • Carlos Danger

    when you accomplish something and somebody talking shit ask them…WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?

  • Sebastian Slade

    In the immortal words of Loaded Lux;
    “Look at you, emotional!”

  • Anthony Hd

    it’s 2014 this shit is gettin old ……………………

  • DatPrettyMF

    what??? i thought kanye and sway were friends??? rap is so fake

  • Sean McAlpin

    no talent hack.

  • LuckyP

    fuck charlamange. niggas act like charlamange is somebody. he’s nothing, and each & every one of you can calmly admit it. ye sonned that nigga on the breakfast club

  • marty mcfly

    When it comes to Sway? The only thing that needs to be said is WAKE UP SHOW. One of the most legendary radio shows ever in hip hop culture period. Sway should be off limits just based on that when it comes to rappers who wanna diss.

  • lilroyce

    lol funny how black people are still defending this idiot…

  • R

    Kanye sounds mad suspect the G a y D a r reading is at an all time high with this skirt wearer yelling in his high pitched feminine voice Charlowmaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Rena

    I don’t know. Everyone has worth, we all put in work and yes Charlemagne and them are successful at what they do but Ye has a point here – we are all on here commenting about Ye. Charlemagne, Wendy Williams etc. are semi-famous for talking about famous people. Kanye’s overall body of work is exceptional and most of us will not reach reach his level of success – not just money wise but to be one of greats in whatever we do. So he can ask – wtf did YOU do to his critics.

  • More FEMININE shit. SMH Him & Drake are the most emotional ass rappers that have ever existed. SAY THAT SHIT TO CHARLAMAGNE’S & SWAY’S FACE! NOT ON A STAGE! Who RAISED these niggas?!!?!?! I LOVE both of their music but I would NEVER befriend these female ass niggas.

  • GreenBergs

    boring already..

  • DaJuan

    He didn’t have to go at Sway like that. Sway has always supported him. They simply had a brief disagreement but for him to slander his name constantly in front of thousands of people? C’mon son.

  • Fiyah

    It’s funny he picked the show at Penn State to go a butt hurt rant.

  • Guest

    everybody on here acts as if they know these niggas personally, social media is bs, along with ppl who think they know what really happened. geez

  • Abe6772

    It’s getting old

  • Matt


  • JADatsyuk

    Kanye gonna give himself a heart attack one of these days…

  • deeeeezzzznuts

    What is this dude wearing? Does anyone understand his logic of wearing an apron-shirt?

  • DatRudeNIGGA

    Niggas hate on Kanye cause he ain’t conforming to what everyone else does. Charlemagne whats white acceptance so bad its sickening. Think about if Tupac and Biggie conformed they would probably still be alive or at best their murders what have been solved. The main reason why blacks are not suceeding is because we depend on white companies for everything blacks dont have ownership over much PLEASE WAKE UP!!!