• Jesus Christopher Columbus

    “Another Secc$ Tape.” Is that the best fuckin headline you can think of?

  • Everybody in Pro Era’s breath control is always LACKING. Bars running over, too many words in each bar & if you’re going to do that, learn breath control. This shit is WACK with exceptions for Sol Luna, Dirty Dancing & the beat on #2. No, that’s not hate, just my opinion. If it’s dope, I’ll say so. I’m a quality music lover & this ain’t that work by far.

  • Jinx

    R.I.P Capital Steez he had so much potential.

  • Chronic

    Joey might be the best up and comer out of NY…but the rest of these dudes are just corny as fuck

  • NativeKing

    they had a nice lil hype for a second……

  • Coby

    Damn no CJ Fly ? He’s arguably the best in PE.

  • iDONTtalkTALKiSTATEfacts