New Music: Chamillionaire x Tami Latrell “Watching Breaking Bad”

watching breaking bad

Got Meth?

Like most folks, the AMC crime drama series has the attention of Cham. With that said, he decides to give it an ode with his brand new recording. If this is just as good as the show, then download the track on iTunes now.


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  • Stephen T.

    Such a dope song! Can’t wait for Poison to drop!

  • Drake

    lololololol soo whack

    • LeVar Johnson

      Oh I get it. Drake hating on rappers again. I see what you did there

  • Alex Godoy

    Yo I love the shows references and when koopa does a concept song always goes in

  • LayjayKoopafiend


  • LayjayKoopafiend

    Man this song is very good, and you can’t match Cham when there is references involved.

    • Sydney Shaw

      Listen to some westcoast R-Mean, he drops references like this in often and loud. Different style of hip-hop though if you mainly listen to South

  • Gregory Phelps

    Love these concept type of songs.

  • Binary_Noel

    Great hook, and great story telling delivery. Dopeness

  • Luigi

    Very good song! Beat is great, lyrics are dope!

  • Terence Thomas

    I don’t watch the show so I wouldn’t get the references. Maybe this song is a bit over my head due to that.


    CHAMILLIONAIRE is still a rapper that other rappers fear¡

  • Peter

    Not bad.Not bad at all.Breaking Bad was a fun time.

  • Dios

    You already know who’s killing it again. Dope song from Cham!

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Cham is crazy good with these story telling tracks… just like his song Think Im Crazy from Sound of Revenge.

  • Juanmiguel

    Great song, all the references to Breaking Bad are dope

  • brza

    did Chamillionaire’s entire PR team jump on here a leave comment

    • Kris Haney

      Yes we did. Problem?

  • Ryan Tilis

    Go so hard – Getting me hyped for Poison

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    Cham always brings that fire, poison coming soon…

  • Ede O.

    that hook was ill! the anticipation for Poison is killing me

  • Julius Green

    good song, poison coming soon.

  • Slick

    Respect the name. Respect the game. Chamillitary Mayne.
    Awesome job Koopa!!!

  • xx601_Boyxx

    song got a lot of replay value….

  • Levent Mehmet

    Thoroughly enjoying the story-telling songs from Cham. I have never
    watched Breaking Bad, but I feel it wouldn’t have made much difference
    even if I had.

  • Paul Avendano

    I didnt feel this song at first because I could give it all of my attention (I was driving during rush hour) but once I could this song was done really well. You can say its southern but this is hip-hop!

  • Davon Dicks

    this is the kind of replayability that the game needs

  • Song is so lyrical! Great song and concept. Impressive.

  • Kris Haney

    Another smash by Cham. I know the haters can’t stand us, but we here to stay. #Chamillitary


    I don’t think you guys understand that Cham is simply the best in the game…PERIOD!

  • F14 ABE

    I love the show and i love the song!

  • F14 ABE

    I love the show and the song. cham does a good job story telling on this record.

  • santiago nieblas

    so dope it makes me anxious to here his album

  • Omer v uxbridge omer v uxbridg

    maaaan at first i thought the song might be cheesy but the song turned out to be super dope. Beat is sooo smooth and tami latrell did an awesome job on the hook. Keep it coming cham

  • Alex Godoy

    Definitely impressed by the contrast between the story in the song and the similarities in the actual show with the references all tie in nicely. dude is just well rounded