New Music: Trey Songz “Look At Y’all”


Battle Of The Sexes.

He had to do it. Less than 24 hours after Nicki Minaj released her recording, Trey Songz stands up for the fellas with his own rendition. If you wonder why they call you a bitch, listen up.

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  • Just Saying

    Zzzz damn can we love our women like Marvin Gaye & Bobby Womack or nah? Not supporting this shit

    • The Truth Homie

      Fuck these bitches mane

    • sincereakilleez

      It’s a play in the song nicki just did with the same subject matter on the opposite sex, pay attention

    • Top Shotta

      True but yes i, haffi pay attention. Di man dem vex star!

      “Nicki ain’t even have to drop dat shit.”

    • Strong Enough

      difference between bitches and women

    • DL

      Pay attention you idiot! Nicki just had a song dissing guys so this is a comeback on the same song. Don’t be stupid. Listen to the lyrics, he said if you are a good girl he’s not talking about you “just these bitches”.

  • kanye west

    sounding the same again. it really is like he’s the same person.

  • Trying to do a 2014 Scrubs/Pigeons thing…….zzzzzzzzzz