New Video: J.Cole “She Knows”

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.05.52 PM

He Knows Too.

What was supposed to be a normal ditch day, turns into a series of unfortunate events. Without giving too much away, the video stars actor Harold Perrineau and Jermaine in a comprising position. Take care of your ladies, fellas. Download Born Sinner here.

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  • Anonymous

    wit a lightskin nigga smh

  • • Haze

    So how was school ? lmao

    • Maestrosik

      Lmbooo school was interesting ! I learned a HOE lot!

      • polopolo1

        Lmaoo good one

  • J.Cole

    Legendary works.

  • New Slave

    that mom is a MILF for sure!

    • Yung Reezy

      Whats her name

      • B

        Rochelle Aytes

  • Word

    I was getting kinda mad watching this video like what the hell is the point of this? And why is Cole not in his own video? Then that scene had me busting out laughing. SHE KNOWS.

  • BigBossDell

    lol almost has funny has this valentines shit

  • Nathaniel

    ya’ll ruined the video with the still frame. spoiler alert like a muhfucka.

  • marty mcfly

    J Cole would write a song about valentines day and make the video about black history month. Smh

  • polopolo1

    Definetly made me like song a whole lot more

  • JD

    Damn this cat ran away from school, the cops, and from home how real is that.

  • Donn

    Lol Cole loves to ruin a happy day. Geez. The Power Trip video, Crooked Smile and this. Goddamn Cole. Lol

  • SALUTE to my nigga Cole! Setting himself up for movie scores & soundtracks & what not. Smart move. WAVY video concept. Well worth the wait. #BornSinner #TIMELESS

    • Oh & I’m glad I didn’t watch the video for the first time HERE SMH Who the fuck idea was it to put that still up? SMH Glad I was actually surprised LOL

    • Alee

      Do you understand what the video has to do with the song? Because I don’t and I’m trying to grasp this concept

      • Has nothing to do with the song. Only thing it does incorporate is the bar from Trouble “Mama, did you fuck J. Cole?” Lol

  • Andrew

    Idk how you can hate on J Cole. Realist rapper in the game. Poetic as well, and still underrated in the game. Sells more albums the Kanye his sophomore album and cant even fuck with him at the grammys. smh

  • Come On Son

    How come all the blogs ruin the shining moment in the video with that thumbnail? SMH

  • 07!!!

    Looks like aaliyah i think all these music artists r trying to cover up sonething??? Why would she just drop off the planet i think its for greed but u cant fool yourself and god even if sone people r connected spiritualy u wont get away with torturing someones life and making money off it and expect that person not to ever find out you people r taking advantage of him ur lucky im not a rat and i really hope deep down she does know you will go to hell for this and all the heartache that person felt for your greed and stress of his family

  • 07!!!

    107 u best start looking for a new spot!!!

  • 07!!!

    107 mines 41 106!!!