Drake Reveals Lil Wayne ‘Tha Carter V’ Date



With NBA All Star Weekend underway, Drake performed last night at the House Of Blues with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. Before continuing his set, he announced that Weezy’s Tha Carter V is set to arrive 5-5-14.

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  • north west



  • okkk

    so in other words.. 5.5.5

    smart man

    • EchoxHotel

      5.5.14 (5.5.1+4) ha thats dope and simple but dope non the less lol

  • cain45

    classic in the making

    • PoorHomieeQuann


  • Hussle

    Wayne been wack for a minute now. Nobody really checkin for C5.

  • YES! Carter 5! (He said it would be his last album, only reason I’m excited) LMAO

  • joey jammer

    can’t wait!

  • Tyler JenkinsĀ®

    you all know damn well this wont drop may 5th , this nigga make us wait for everything, and push back everything.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • PoorHomieeQuann

    im sorry but im not bothered bout no carter 5 he been wack since carter 4 after that it was jus average/bulshit hes gonna have to come hard as fuck with this 1 otherwise i aint interested

    • GreenBergs

      nigga been wack since i am not a human being wtf usaying

  • BroDell

    wayne been killin shit lately…

  • Belize

    he 2/2..lets see if he can go over .500

  • Dan Karlin

    …because the Carter IV was so riveting that it really needs another sequel?

    You know Wayne’s star is fading when he has to get Drake to announce his release date for him to get serious attention.

  • I’ll fuck with it if it picks up where C2 left off

  • JMcL

    carter 5 is gonna change the game

    • RoastedRay

      For the worse.

  • IJ

    Everyone should pick up C5 once its out. give him the respect he deserves. he’s dropping his 12th solo album. he dropped 3 albums with the hot boys, an album with birdman, over 20 mixtapes and i lost count of how many features his been on, he put the south on the map. every rapper is following his footsteps right now. he put his crew on…Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga…anyways you get the point..its his last album..support the rapper that changed the game, and buy his last album. He deserves it.

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    If it was 2009 maybe people would care but now they don’t cause he sucks.

  • Dev

    I admit Wayne has declined drastically over the years but I got a feeling this album will be Fire….looking forward to it

  • Word

    The album gonna arive in about 3 months? Right. I seen how this game works. That shit gonna get pushed back to August.

  • liltra

    I’m optimistic cuz I think even wayne knows that ppl keep talking trash about his rhymes lately and keep saying he’s fading… I still think he’s a competitor so I hope this album gives us something we’re been missing from weezy… i’ll support weezy is still important to the culture and hopefully we’ll gt another Katie Couric interview outta it lol

  • NL

    yeah Wayne aint the same anymore, im sure C5 may have some better moments (since IANAHB2 flop) but I know what to expect..

  • GreenBergs

    son whoooo cares?????

  • C.R.S.

    No Ceilings Was The Last Project In My Opinion That Marked The Last Of Waynes Illest Rhymes. From 05-2009 Maybe 2010 Wayne Was Good.2011 And Up…..Havent Been The Same. No Hate.

  • John Jay

    Stay behind the desk or design trukfit…enough is enough

  • AfrodanJ

    Sorry but that date is reserved for the 24 comeback, I’ll check it out on the 6th outta respect

  • Tyler Young

    Carter IV sold 900,000 copies first week, he remains successful dispite his lyrical decline.

  • Lisa Samantha Jones

    Y’all some haten asses if you dont care why you even on here,keep ya negative comments to ya self

  • Leonel De La Sancha

    ha if anything this comes out 5.5.15