Kanye Talks Drake; Red Octobers In NJ

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Brick City Yeezy.

It only cost $250,00 for Kanye West to beat your ass, but his rants are priceless. Last night at the Prudential Center in Newark, Yeezy defended Drake attack on Rolling Stone and his Nike Red Octobers selling out in 11 minutes.

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  • The Weirdo

    This dude is the King of the Mindfuck!!!

  • Yeah

    Unsuccessful people gon’ act like they know what it takes to win and like Kanye isn’t doing it the right way. I wonder what special things you did in your life to have a negative opinion toward Kanye. Do you fight for what you believe in to a point that you succeed? Obviously he’s doing it for a sense of self but also for art. I’m black. And the media won’t make me hate Kanye West. Ever. Remember when they did that with MJ? Just saying…

    • WeHeah

      Are you delusional?! MJ fucked kids, man. The media didn’t make that up.

      Agree on Kanye, tho.

      • The Incredible Creation

        I mean, were we actually in attendance when MJ fucked some kids tho? =/ “just sayin” lol

      • LuckyP

        its black history month plus dunn aint get that 1st degree murder charge. come back next month talking that silly troll shit white boy

        • WeHeah

          I have no idea what that means.

      • shotman

        Obviously since ya name wee haw you be at the ranch all day but that dont meant u know what went down in neverland ranch my dude. MJ was attacked wit that kid shit and black folk know it.

    • This doesn’t just apply to “super stars” that’s life period. Just because your successful doesn’t mean you have all the answers give a fuck about your status real recognize what it is.

    • yorapper


    • Truth

      I thought the child rape was what made us hate mj

    • bigfoot2011

      Ur very intellectually limited homie. Ye doesn’t care about Black ppl. He’s all about self. In the breakfast club interview, he talks about wanting to be a billionaire for kim and Baby North’s future. He just knows how to string morons like u along into thinking that he’s fighting for ur cause. Smh.

  • Donn

    Some ppl are so dumb they’ll hear a passionate speech and believe every word. Have ur own mind. I agree sometimes with Ye but not all the time. His voice is losing it’s value the more he does this

    • Steven

      an astute comment, Donn

      • LuckyP

        i don’t know what astute means but that sht sounds good!

  • Joe Kerr

    Another great Kanye rant….. He can do this every night if he wants…. It’s a part of whatever he charges for shows…… Maybe DONDA can comprise it all into some kind of DVD or bonus album documentary as to make the experience of his next album more “personal”? Maybe…….

    • The Incredible Creation

      now that would be dope and smart as fuck… *somebody get DONDA on the phone!*

  • THE guest

    of all the songs hes always mentioning jesus walks…he didn’t even write that shit

    • LuckyP

      i mean i feel you but in a game where 95% of these niggas don’t totally pen their own shit its kind of a mute argument

  • babydd

    this is just stupid now blogs should stop posting this

  • McGrahamable

    I was never really a big Kanye fan. Then his College dropout 10 year anniversary came up, so I decided to go thru this niggas catalog and now i can say I understand his genius.Huge fan of his work can’t wait to see what he does next. Some of you ignant niggas need to stop hating on yeezus take some time and really sit with, it you might come out with a new outlook on things.

  • The Incredible Creation

    I just wish he’d talk/rant less about all this stuff and GET THOSE DREAMS OUT! Ya know? John Legend, Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi (still no album), Yasiin Bey (don’t even think he still wants to be affiliated with them lol), Q-Tip, Teyana etc. | I see Common quietly packed his bags and moved on… smh


  • C

    Jesus christ, these kanye fans follow him like a cult leader

  • Dope

    Didn’t he say a few weeks back he’ll stop with all the rants for at least 6 months or something like that?