Pharrell & Friends NBA-All Star Performance

Celebrities Attend The 63rd NBA All-Star Game 2014

Pass The Ciroc This Way.

Before tip-off of this evening’s NBA All-Star game, Pharrell helped bring out the starting line up with a performance. Accompanied with Nelly, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Chad Hugo and Snoop Dogg, P performed a medley of hits from “Frontin” to “Happy”.

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  • GreenBergs

    lol no matter WHAT pharrell does or HAS done for the rap industry, i could give a fck less, he probably sucked a ton of mean dick to get to where he is and link up with niko to feminize the urban male population around the world…pharrell is legitimately a puppet for the music industry and would do anything for the almighty dollar..dude has produced “hot beats” a lot of which im not even a personal fan of…except for grindin…every1 love that beat, and no dont bother even mentioning supa fly

    • xxx

      so you’re obviously not happy

      • GreenBergs

        why am i not happy again? i have my benz, my money, my family, my house, and my friends…

        • matt

          because your hating on pharrell on a blog comment thread

          • GreenBergs

            Hating is speaking your mind??lol guess I’m hating…

          • Ryan

            speaking your mind is fine, but when you speculate that someone is sucking dick for success, yes that is hating. I don’t care one way or the other about Pharrell, but yes you were hating, most of you “speaking your mind” was referring to someone as a puppet who sucks dick and doesn’t do his own beats, without any reason.

        • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

          If you think your “benz” is what happiness is about then you’re def not happy

          • GreenBergs

            U, my friend, must push a rav 4 or some bullshit hoopty or maybe even the bus, ya know what tho I hope ur happy though…anyone who really has to come on here nd defend pharrell likes he’s there friend in real life is suspect to me…that includes all u mufuckas responding to my post..I could go into bbc and bape but there is no point at this time in our existance.

          • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

            You named a car & green paper before your family and friends so I’m not too sure your opinion holds any weight. Plus, it’s ok that you don’t like Pharrell , but you attacked his character when there is no evidence of anyone having any real beef w/him other than a couple of former Star Trak rappers who couldn’t sell & even they moved on from the anger.

            Finally, I always chuckle when guys like you act like you are the first person to have money & question how much you have. A “benz” , ok, but what year, used? what condition is it in now?
            Finally, I’ve been in the “rich tax bracket” , if you know what that is (w/o looking thru google) then you know there’s nothing “HAPPY” about being taxed that much.

            Anyway, continue your inflated sense of self that you picked up from a Bad Boy song that’s as aged as your tired bravado. Good day.

          • LinZee Linuz

            Dissn’ a bus ? Wtf?

            No man you don’t diss public transport.

            Especially for all of us who have used a bus at one point or another.

    • MMG Suede

      look at you coming on a blog to express your negativity towards someone elses success. Sick of people like you man, if your not hating why couldn’t you keep it moving and why he gotta suck dick to be great your mind is so suspect stfu and enjoy life wow

      • LinZee Linuz

        Said it for me thnx!

    • Backintheday

      Your benz, much like your life is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

      • GreenBergs

        Can you do me a favor and remind me how your life is relevant in “the grand scheme of things?”…

    • LoverofHipHop

      You homie have posted one of the most ignorant comments about one of our brothers from our generation and culture doing big things in the world and I can’t seem to find any validity or functional rationale in what incentive you have to spew that hate on a blog other then you must think posting negative shit looks cool or helps your inherent built-in inadequacies and low self esteem.

      Your statement was baseless, full of fuckboi accusations and holds no merit or logic. Your entire post is summed up in 3 points that obviously have no real weight outside the scope of your fucked up view of things.

      Fucked up because they aren’t based on reality or truth and because the motive behind it is to belittle and take down the accomplishments of one of your own brothers and kind. I’m glad others are commenting on your erroneous post and bullshit hypebole and calling you out as well. Do the knowledge to things before you comment on them bruh, else you will continue looking like a foolish ass hating ass cornball with a benz. And for the record, I too own a benz, own a home, jewels a fine timepiece and closet is crazy, so all those bullshit material things you mentioned mean nothing when you look like an asshole saying stupid shit against your own kind.

      • GreenBergs

        Uhm, first off I’m not black, so its funny how you assumed that so quickly, maybe because a lot of other people who are black agree with my opinions along with many others? Also dude worked came up under quincy jones’ wing, we all saw dudes high school picture like if u cannot tell that this dude is a puppet and a straight up indistry dick sucker, than I simply cannot help u brother, believe me I can try to sit here and write a mini essay with nice vocabulary and all but it wouldn’t matter dudes like him have yall brainwashed..been like this for a while

        • LinZee Linuz

          You mean a pawn as in
          Grammy with Daft Punk?

          You must be a genius!!!


          • GreenBergs

            you can’t see why daft punk needed some1 like pharrell and why pharrell needed some1 like daft punk, it all makes sense daft punk are french undercover gay lovers who created the house sound basically..

          • LinZee Linuz

            Grabbing for straws in an attempt to justify an argument?

            What year is your Benz?

            We need to check credentials.

          • GreenBergs

            2011 c 300 sport 20, 000 miles on it

          • LinZee Linuz

            Your second car? 5 to 7K a year?

            Hmm you got something personal with Pharrell and smearing him publicly as in campaign?

            You said heavy BS.

            Good luck. Hope they
            don’t come looking for you.

        • LoverofHipHop

          Ok cool, I’ll take the bait and reply, I’m bored right now so this is perfect to kill some time.

          I initially would have wrongly assumed you to be Jewish by use of the
          word “GreenBerg” in your handle knowing that to be a common Jewish name
          but once I saw how ignorantly you spoke about money you most likely
          wasn’t Jewish at all, hate to play into the stereotype but in this case
          you my friend could not fit into the “Jews are good with money”
          stereotype at all, publicly speaking on a forum about material things
          and money the way you did off rip shows you really don’t know too much
          about money and I bet you don’t really have as much of it as your online
          persona may portray.

          I assumed you was black because I saw a
          post you did before that and you was freely using the word
          “nigga”….so, if someone is freely using that word, my first assumption
          is that the person using the phrase is a person of color hence using
          the “a” and not “er” and if you are as bold to use said word online
          publicly that you would have the right to use it. So if your not black I
          would hope you are someone of some type of color to think it’s cool or
          OK to talk like that. If you are someone of color and and cannot see
          Pharrell as being your brother or of your kind BUT still think it’s cool
          to use that word you have bigger mental issues and I can’t really go
          back and forth with you as I’d have to chalk it up as your a mental
          retard of sorts yo. Cause from here seems like your saying your not
          black when it comes to you and pharrell but then you freely use the word
          nigga like you have african diasporic blood in your viens in some
          capacity. So let me ask, which is it? Or is it that your not black
          enough to publicly claim Pharrell as a brother, but you are black enough
          to use the word nigga with no qualms right? So again let me ask, which
          one is it?

          I still don’t understand the Quincy Jones statement,
          what the fuck does that have to do with anything or how does it tie into
          this? Please explain.

          So….now you have a skillset that is
          better then all of the facial recognition software created up to date
          cause your inferring that by looking at a high school yearbook picture
          you can easily tell he’s gay and in your words an “industry dick sucker”
          and that if I can’t see this as being obvious that you can’t help
          me…yo you know how stupid that sounds?

          Then you wanna take
          shots cause I might write better then you and might have a better
          vocabulary then you? Not for nothing but again, you looking stupid b.

          about you address the clear documentation throughout the years of
          Pharrell actively making beats in studio sessions or otherwise with Chad
          and without? Or address with some type of sense and logic any of the
          things I stated as points. Not some straw man argument about me assuming
          your black to take away the attention that you aint said shit to back
          your argument in any way.

          You do know homie just got married to a
          bad ass broad right? Or let me guess he did that only to “fly under the
          radar” of sorts so that he’s not outted as a gay to the world huh?

          his name is NIGO not niko, you see how you still looking stupid bruh?
          And it looks like your issue may be with asians descendants with money
          maybe or maybe it’s just dudes with slanted eyes as the three people you
          chose to point out all have that in common and are not great examples
          of people who push the “male feminization agenda” if that was your goal
          you could’ve choose way better people to single out.

          Dogs, just tone down the ignorant ass comments, use some logic and facts and you wont look so stupid online b. Your turn…

          • GreenBergs

            lmao my nigga the simple fact that u wrote this essay defending this dude is further proving my point, if my comment was so meaningless and untrue and “ignorant” it shouldn’t have received so many replies….therefore im a bit weary as to where all this pharrell support comes from, are you perhaps part of his pr team?? either way im off this topic already, shit like this further proves why what i said is true..

  • Rocky


  • Murphy Steele

    same dumbass hat, different color

    • LinZee Linuz


  • jav

    Pharrell is a legend..if you’re a true hip hop head you’ve been rocking to his shit for over decade for someone to died on him in anyway makes zero the hate for macklemore.

  • jody

    shoulda had cash money and no limit perform

  • John Jay

    if his chorus for happy was a hidden ode to lgbt, happy and gay have the same meaning looool!
    All these guys being creative, breaking the rules and being multimillionaires etc etc are suspect to me. America has been killed from insiders.

  • LinZee Linuz

    Yeah no diss on Pharrell!.

  • LinZee Linuz

    Came to this to comment on the lousy sound mix and how it was Pharrells time now then see all this hate.

    Pharrell always brings a great sound.

    He likes those major 7 chords, I can understand that.

    Great to see a person who has work
    ed hard get his reward.

  • YaDig

    These 2-4 worded image captions HAVE to stop. I don’t want to click through to each article. I wanna quickly skim the stories and move onto the next site. More page views, I get it. but come on son. Annoying as fuck.