New Video: Jadakiss “Stoner (Remix)”

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Bundle Up.

Along with DJ SpinKing, Kiss pulls up in a Bentley with this accompanying visual to his  recent Young Thug remake, “Stoner”.

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  • MAB

    im sorry but dudes like kiss and maino are not helping bring nyc back, they should boycott rapping on trapbeats for a year

    • DAP

      Kiss always freestyles over South beats his whole career long before niggaz was doing it but he as NY as it gets dont compare him to whack ass Maino bruh

      • MAB

        I hear you but its not helping him or nyc as a whole rite now, and I love kiss but I hate when he gets on these south beats

        • DAP

          I get what u saying but Its a 1 min freestyle bro nutten serious the lox on a whole been dropping hard consistenet NY shit of late but yall pay more attention to these stuff

          • MAB

            I hear you too but why even hop on this track he really didnt say much, def not something that needs to be replayed. I only mention him with maino becuz I hear them complain the most about the south but they both be riding that wave


      lol dont everr compare maino n jada.. jada is one of the greatest dickhead

      • MAB

        lol dam im not comparing their talent together just there stand with the south

    • wow


  • Epul

    Look up the John Blaze video.. Everyone featured on that song hasn’t aged lol

  • Michael Ibbett

    The DJ lookalike Mac miller

  • Hussle

    Kiss my nigga, but no…just no

  • Rob Get-It