• porky

    we on flop watch

    • Dwight Stewart

      thats funny

  • Belize

    I feel u Jeezy…that awkward moment when you dont know if your bout to be arrested

  • Sebastian Slade

    “At seventeen I was giving niggas 17 years!”


    • The Incredible Creation


  • DOdo


  • LuckyP

    trolls unite .. gottdamn! y’all niggas never sleep smh

    • D

      Fraud cornball Ross Fans don’t either.

      • LuckyP

        FOH you’d better leave that library parking lot, talking shit while stealing their wi-fi fuckboy before Boston PD rolls back around

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    Gucci Mane must be rolling over in his grave…. i mean cell

  • hater raid

    if ross had any buzz he wouldnt be uniting with jeezy…AT ALL.
    remember this album has been delayed for a long time.
    only dude able to release a album on the “label” is wale.
    everybody else doing mixtapes and features on other tracks.

    all they do is flood and saturate the market constantly with subpar recycled beats and bars. meek screaming ass flow is played out. stop yelling nigga.

    mastermind is gonna flop. prolly do 50.000 less 1st week than last. french didnt sell. khaled didnt sell. 2 chainz didnt sell. most recent selfmade sold 40.000 less 1st week than the one before.

    MMG is dying. ross fell off. check the numbers and the show numbers.
    think it is flop watch this time.

    • OG Swerve

      Dude, Ross is the the only Artist right now releasing music consistently yearly.. If its not a album its selfmade if not self made its another MMG affiliate releasing music. What album hasnt been delayed by any artist recently besides Jay… Drake delay, Sean delay, Cole delay.. rap albums and delays kinda go together bro shit happens lol. But you checking too much of MMG’s numbers and not just coming to one that he’s obviously doing something right, his peers such as Jeezy dont even have a release date in mind.. Ross is the most consistent rapper in the game right now.. Just accept it. No other rapper or label is releasing quality music each year…

    • LuckyP

      nigga huh?? LMAOO so jeezy has a buzz in 2014? foh

    • MMG Suede

      Its so sad to see how brothers just want someone else to fail so badly? like I have no problem if you don’t like his music but why not just keep it moving?? I hate Tyga and his the most repetitive dude ever but you’ll never see me on a Tyga post cos I know already. Just chill man life ain’t that serious go live life enjoy it man do your own thing let him flop if he flops just chill ffs

  • Greg

    Jezzy had zero buzz no release date complaining that Def Jam shelving his ass n threatened to release his album for free etc this is benefiting Jeezy not Ross im yet to see a vlog when Jeezy performing outside the country that nigga only doing shows in clubs infront of 150 ppl in Atlanta n Detroit he sold more records than Ross but Ross got more money than him

    • jeezy ross bad look

      if jeezy had lyor cohen jayz puff atlantic and def jam execs all pushing his career..he would be shitting on ross on all levels.
      ross is jayz puff and lyors pet project…he getting the push. not jeezy.
      jayz puff lyor gave ross..meek,wale pill….then gave ross the rest of them.
      plus the blogs are mostly on the payroll to support ross.

      its all politics. ross falling off hard though. we await mastermind numbers.

      • Greg

        Silly excuses bro Jay Z knew Jeezy before Ross if Jeezy had dope music niggas would be backing him fact of the matter is he fell off hard n dropping wack shit he is the one with the platinum plaques why wouldnt they wanna push him? if he was dropping good music they would be but he not oh n the only artiste given to Ross was Pill

      • D

        Coulden’ t of said it better myself. Ross was pretty much done when he was exposed as a fraud. Once everything came to light and 50 humiliated him, DEF JAM went to work on their investment by pairing him up with every atrist on the seen to give him crediblity.
        Knowing his fans are sheep, they would fall right in line because he was being endorsed by the top people in the industry. They basically force feed and program the fans. Thats why it’s called programmed radio. It programs the masses. That’s why every song you hear got Ross on it. It’s made to seem as if Ross not on it, it’s not official.

        • MMG Suede

          The way you negros sit here awaiting a nigga to fail and then complain this gets top 5 on RR but you always clicking to hate. Sorry to disappoint but ever since the CO thing and 50 and baby mama thing. Ross has gone GOLD on all his albums and what programming you talkin bout when Ross has always struggled with singles including radio play and what if those people just feel Ross? Why everything gotta be a conspiracy chill man love life and make your own money or waeva you wanna do just chill its sad

  • Dev

    Being a C.O isnt anything compared to being a Cop…dumb niggas