• Michael Ibbett

    His nervousness made it awkward….a lot of people probably use drugs to prevent that tho, so props for not succumbing lol, and just being him…never heard his Shit but I’ll click if I see it….came cuz I like the show, left cuz it was awkward, I used to hate watching blind date back in the day cuz of that…have a high awareness of that I guess

    • nicoswebaby

      Check out the EP, you won’t regret it.

      • Michael Ibbett

        That I will

  • Da Business

    Dope Ep.


    does anyone else see the gay pride flag in the back? i saw it in the Maino interview and its been sus ever since….no homo…

    • Dwight Stewart

      yeah i don’t get it. I need them to get a straight flag

      • ARKVNE

        Lol. no such thing

        • Dwight Stewart

          well shit if gay people feel the need to wave their flag then i need a straight flag that i can wave.

  • NativeKing

    he’s up next…and i usually dont dig 90% of new dudes i hear

  • jsmooth

    Dope demo. Weak interview on the breakfast club end..

  • brza

    it’s rare that I instantly click with a new artist but this kid’s got it

  • Drei Ros

    good interview… he has that raw talent and a lot of potential!

  • FreSH82

    Lmao!! TDE niggas do look dusty as hell but their some dope artist I can’t front..

  • Dwight Stewart

    stay away from your baby momma bwoy!