• Yerp! Been bangin’ this one in the Impala since December, it hits in the 12s! And although I still think Game could’ve been replaced with a better candidate to begin with with, I think everybody ripped this $#!+, prolly Ludacris more so though.

  • Steven

    These are the homies

  • dadankle

    Jeezy was the last major label presence that still had beef with Richard Rossville. I wonder how much dough was shelled out and what kin dof contract was made(how long they will pay Jeezy(something stupid like life)) Just so the ignorance in Jeezy stays hidden. Enjoy that $$$ Jeezy because its the last your gonna get. You and Fab who 4 years ago were two of the hottest in the game now seem old and played. In a matter of 4 years! You guys both had pedigrees and classic albums to boot. Now you do stupid chick anthems and odes to drugs that are just corny and forced now instead of your music content being something that comes naturally.

  • Extra Domus

    WTF is berg doing on this track…instead of GAME!?

    • Dwight Stewart

      he probably produced the track so they felt sorrow for him and let him in.