• UGH!!! One white rapper that just never caught on to me! Potna literally released ONE hot song I can think of that I fxcked with heavy, “Wild Boy.” I’m okay with him going away now after that…

  • Michael Ibbett

    Dope…kinda wish him and Mac Miller’s positions in the game were reversed…he’d be good as an independent…hope he make it thru the label shit

  • Luke

    He has good songs, but he’s the quintessential rapper who people says he kills all his beats cause he just raps fast.

  • Davey Allen

    MGK is dope but he has never caught onto that huge mainstream audience. He has good projects like Lace Up and Est. 4 life

  • The wise

    Wow the beat is yelawolfs “fathers day” of his heart of dixie mixtape..an yelawolfs version is better if u havent heard it

  • 24K

    Pure trash.

    • Dutch22

      Are you serious!!!

  • Kevin Banks

    MGK is as good as Mac Miller just got way different styles

  • Tony-Sony Cmr

    Love MGK! Have you heard this kat Sweet Da Kid and his video “Don’t Forget The Name” This guy is going to be a big deal! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Da- Kid/260341660801766