Wiz Khalifa “We Dem Boyz” On Shade 45

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 3.16.21 PM

The Wiz.

Despite our criticism, it appears that Wiz is really sticking by his single. And during a visit to Kay Slay’s show on Shade Forty Five, he gave the first live performance.

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  • bruhidontfuckwitnocops


  • Tec1

    hot trash

  • Belize

    hate to say it..but this song is growing on me (pause). Plus he did this style on flight school. lol @ yall criticism. Yall cosigned macklemore and 360. -_-

    • Miss when Wiz was dope

      Lol no one should cosign Mackelmore & 360 but no one should co-sign this either b

  • NativeKing

    hottest of the trashes

  • WizSucks

    everyone biting keef LOL wiz is so wack now I remember his very first album was dope dude was spitting so fast and lyrical and it got worse and worse with each album and mixtape

  • Damn Son

    Wow this nigga is chicken shit now

  • Roland Blount

    Wiz went it on this shit.

  • ThomasKWelker

    Wiz has slowly but surely disappointed everyone. Anyone else see the cover art for this “single”? I could’ve done it in MS Paint.

  • DariusMrperfect Morgan

    Chief keef flow? Where is the homicide wiz at?….ohh well….