50 Cent Leaves Shady Records


End Of An Era.After 12 years on Shady/Aftermath, 50 Cent has parted ways with his long time record label. His new album Animal Ambitionwill be released on June 3rd through Caroline/Capitol/UMG. Says 50:

“I’ve had great success to date with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope and I’d like to thank Eminem and Dr. Dre for giving me an incredible opportunity. I’ve learned so much from them through the years. I am excited to enter this new era where I can carry out my creative vision.” 

Says Eminem: “Both myself and Shady Records are grateful to have had the chance to play a part in 50’s career. Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent. I’ve developed a great friendship with 50 over the years, and that’s not going to change. We know 50 will have success in his new situation, and we remain supporters of both him and G-Unit.”  


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  • Epul

    Damn son the fall of an empire

  • It’s Just Music

    when you fuck people on your own label, you end up getting fucked by YOUR label. Karma.

    Doing Buck and Game dirty now you basically in the same situation.
    Biting Jimmy’s, Em’s, and Dre’s hand wasn’t the smartest decision to make.
    Dissing every rapper under the sun and now none of them are willing to help you out.

    Lesson in life: Never burn your bridges No matter how powerful you are. Someone is ALWAYS above you.

    • 305 MAFIA

      (U CALLED IT) Tony Yayo Done With Music: “50 Aint Rocking With Me And Banks The Same” | Hiphophotwire http://bit.ly/MFGJl0

    • Know The Ledge

      Did them dirty??? Do you think Ross would let Meek or Wale go make records with 50 when they were beefing? Or that Birdman would allow any of his artists to go shit talk him in magazines or radio? Game and Buck are the ones that burned bridges and that is why they are out there hanging on doing reality shows and publicity stunts. 50 has been trying to get out of his contract for years so stop trying to make it sound like this is karma and he got dropped. An artist whose lowest selling record still went gold does not get dropped by a major label, because if that was true Ross and his boy Khaled would have gotten dropped after their first records came out.

      • It’s Just Music

        50 stans have creative excuses for him. I respect the loyalty.

        Meek is friends with fif and they have been doing shows together while beefing with Ross. i think Ross cares less if his artists hang with irrelevant people.

        50 burned bridges with Game saying he wrote like 6 songs off the documentary. Like dude if you did let your man get the credit, and you get the money you helped him out. Same way Dre and Em busted their chops on GRODT. You didnt see Em or Dre bragging every second they got.

        Leaking voice mails and holding a man back financial by not releasing him from his contract is some HOE shit. No matter what Buck did. I losg tons of respect for such some female shit.

        50 talks shit about people flopping and saying Indie labels are graveyards and guess whose going to the grave? that’s karma my friend.

        50 will feed stupid fans like you anything. He doesn’t want you to know he’s losing. musically the man is done. maybe not because I am so fucking excited for that track with The Lox!!!!! (i’ll listen to kiss’s part and press stop).

        say what you want Khaled and Ross are relevant this day and age. Although it is clear Ross is in deep shit with his album full of forgettable singles.

        50 lost musically man. so many dick riders on here it’s crazy.
        50 and his fans shit on Ross for his numbers, yet 50 doing Ross numbers.

        it was all down hill when Game left and then Buck dipped. It sucks cause Banks is the only one on G Unit who had potential to be GOAT.

        Next life my friend.

        • Know the Ledge

          When all you do is go into posts about 50 to talk shit then you are in no place to call anyone a Stan or a dickrider. You talk about 50 like he broke your heart, I bet you were one of those sorry muthafuckers yelling G Unot and buying Games bullshit merchandise. Doing shows together doesn’t mean shit, artists don’t book shows neither do label heads. Label heads do however have to sign off on records being released so if Ross had no issue he would let Meek record with 50 since it is well documented that he is a big 50 fan. Also Em and Dre didn’t talk shit about 50 after GRODT because he didn’t run around biting the hand that fed him like Game did. Btw saying you respect loyalty and then defending Game & Buck is pretty fucking ignorant

          • It’s Just Music

            really don’t feel the need to argue with 50 stans.

            Just wait for his next album and tell me how that goes if anyone really cares.

    • Afi Keita James

      Not to mention he did bang em smurf dirty and was an accessory to the death of busta’s own bodyguard and other dirty stuff he did, face it, you stans, it’s karma.

  • Hype Tyson

    My how the mighty have fallen

  • Your Father

    It’s cool. 50 got this – Once Hot Rod sell 1 million copies the first week.

    • The Incredible Creation

      LMFAO! =D

  • Hussle

    It’s obvious 50 and Jimmy werent seeing eye-to-eye. this is the only reason he didnt stay with SHADY because Shady is an INTERSCOPE label. Therefore he had to move. The relationship with Em is still there! Hopefully it means more music from 50 now.

  • LOL

    it’s now officially over, he’s gonna lose all of his fanbase he got fuckin with Dre & Em, he still might put ou quality music but he’s not gonna get the same treatment he got when GRODT was released.

  • Ryuk918

    Wow. who would’ve thought all of these label execs music business insiders and experts were hanging out in blog comment section?

    • Marley71

      I’d like to see 50 release a project called “Blackballed”. Imagine if he did a Ghetto Quran on these sycophants in the industry! That would be great.

  • Michael Ibbett

    One of 50s good attributes was talkin Shit..he was the best at it, but as a 50 fan I still must say how ironic it is now of him calling himself 50 interscope Jackson and how he is the whole label and they need him and everything else…hope he has a reemergence and a 2nd career wind tho…needs to make an album for of songs like you should be dead by now…that song proved hes still capable

  • Rumando

    Best news 50 has heard in a while. Jimmy Iovine was holding him hostage and now he is free and able to do what he wants with his music now. No more album delays and no more of Interscope intervening. This is the same as Jay Z leaving Def Jam. 50 can now focus on music and not worry about the politics. 50 was the greatest artist Eminem ever signed and one of the greatest artist Dre ever produced next to Tupac, Eminem and Snoop. Out with the old in with the new and it’s time for 50 to move on

    • Fistacuffs

      Just like the world moved on from 50 years ago.

      • Blizee

        Jimmy holding him hostage?!? First and foremost its about the music, this motherfucker couldn’t Rap his way out of a paper bag.

        Good Riddance…

        RIP Curtis Jackson 2/20/2014

        • Capuccino

          lets hear u rap fam

        • Maderf

          Hell ye jimmy hold him down, New day did good, he didnt let him put video out, my life went platinum, and he didnt let dude release the album, but released chef kieff, and french albums, and mgk.

          • I know lot

            Correct. So clueless as to what’s “next” for the “youth” that he is getting sloppy. they think him destroying other artistry concepts with his battle style hurts the big picture economically based on focus groups.

            Moved on from fiddy yes. But with every angle of the industry. Stars rise and simmer and eventually fade. But don’t get it twisted. F 50 is about to shake the game and you’ll love it when his first song features em

          • Blizee

            New Day garbage. My life only wen plat cause Em on it, fif bars aint even go that hard… You want some gangsta shit, Schoolboy Q will serve ya up.

        • Curly

          Murder your whole style son
          Fussy giddy fiddy the blogger

          Money long
          Arab name on a tombstone
          You see escape plan?
          Sort of nigga known wit Stallone

          Females washing my Porsche
          Haters kicking their horse
          Trying to keep up but
          It’s turbo you losing? Of course

          Corny ass Typers
          Hiding behind some keyboards
          Back in 97 had three whores in a four door benzo

          Born to stack them ends tho
          Don’t trip shanty town
          Me and em still coo yo
          Bout to drop a bomb

          Some boom
          Boom chop flow.

          Account counting escrow.
          Ask Wayne about this animal
          Ask jay about nas beef
          Then bring up nada but
          Jada me and fat joe

    • GreenBergs

      u are buggin without dre and em 50 cent equals nothing..

      • Rumando

        “I heard *** sayin’ they made Hov
        Made Hov say, “Okay, so make another Hov” Jay Z

        So in other words tell Eminem to go and find them another protege to sell 30 million albums. Oh yeah he has Yeowolf and Slaughterhouse lol FOH

      • dollarb1ll

        U ain’t ever heard Power of the Dollar or Guess who’s back, eh? FIGURES.

      • Im God


  • Chronic

    He left cause dre didn’t like him giving them dre beats competition

    • Killyoself Asap

      There is no competition. Dre’s headphones are trash. Any studio head knows this.

  • EchoxHotel

    I want to ask ppl on here how is leaving a lable to do your own thing a bad thing? He was basically doing everything himself anyway, its just official now. Im happy he went the independent route. They been holding up great projects over at interscope just to sign and release albums from a lot of 1 hit wonders and hot right now at the moment rappers (French Montana & Chief Keef). Jimmy I is to busy with his & Dre’s Beats empire and Em is focused on himself and Shady 2.0 (SlaughterHouse & Yellawolf). 50 can do it own his own, Dre & Em was a nice endorsment, but 50 always put out his own music, filmed & directed his own videos and made his own business ventures so i dont see the bad in this.


      50 got it like me Ronald I’m rich bitches and get free head lol

  • Obama

    That’s not “the full story” fam.. That’s just a press release…

  • James Blunt

    50 Cent leaving Shady wouldn’t be as big of a deal, and expected and accepted if he wasn’t the rapper 10 years ago publicly mocking artists for their label situations. Laughing at Koch artists, Shitting on rappers for getting shelved or pushed back. Purposely blackballing certain rappers for simply doing a song with another rapper. Now he sees what it feels like to not be a hot commodity. To have to drop single after single only to be ignored. To be blackballed himself. That’s karma if I’ve ever seen it. Bully tactics only work for so long. The first shall be last.

    • Killyoself Asap

      Who cares? He richer than all those lames.

    • Jaga

      He still on the top brahh, he is not that desparete to be hot he made millions he can live in peace for the rest of his life. y’all talking like he dont have money to eat

      • Eric

        Relevancy in the rap game?

      • Jesus

        Word? 50 could care less about money from rap right? I guess he just rapping for fun right?

        • Capuccino

          well yea actually, for fun and maybe his rep. thanks for this dumbass comment tho, made me laugh harder than i have in awhile

          • Jesus

            Maybe you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Keep laughing. You’re welcome.

          • Capuccino

            prove to me that 50s desperate for money

          • Hip Hop Orangutan

            you gotta get out more if that even made you snicker my dude. Maybe call up 50 and you all can rap on a corner someplace for fun and rep. Take my info down and you guys can send me your monies while you’re at it. dumbass right here…smdh

          • Capuccino

            okay so 50 has a net worth of over $260 million… so i guess that he only dropping new music cus he needs a paycheck… dafuck out of here

      • Justin TimberBAKED

        There is this little thing called pride my nigga. If u think it doesn’t hurt 50s pride that he’s not relevant no more in a industry he once dominated then you’re being naive.

        • Jaga

          Bro Idk what hurts him, but I’m sure he is still happy, he has everything, family, friends. And this is not so bad he can do whatever he wants. not being controlled by jimmy. He still will sell more then french and rick ross

          • Shane

            No way. 50s last album took almost an entire year to go gold. His profile is even lower now then it was then. Ross will get at least to 500k.

          • jaga

            Before I self destruct did pretty compared to other rappers. Watch ross flop in march

          • huh?

            After all that shit 50 talked about sales, flopping etc.., going gold after a year is an abysmal failure for him. Its funny how 50 fans judge him on a different plane then everyone else. If Ross would go gold, he “flopped”. 50 goes gold its better then most rappers. Plea copping.

          • Buaha

            Ross always floppin lmao, watch 150k maximum first week. Ross didnt sold out the arenas in usa, 50 does sell out international still.

          • Whoo

            Deeper than rap still aint gold, it was released the same year when bisd was released. and 50 had platinum single too. ross didnt with that album

    • Afi Keita James

      5-0 aka 50 cares about himself and his crew and not even everybody else, he fucked up this genre to the fullest and he is getting what he deserved, plus he has zero talent.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    After sparking talk of a G-Unit reunion, Tony Yayo revealed that the current state of the group is in disarray, because he says 50 Cent isn’t supporting him and Lloyd Banks. He made the revelation via Instagram, writing, “50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn.”

    Not only did Yayo share the news about Fif, he also claimed that he was “done with music,” because “Too much stress. I flew the world already. Dropped an album. Time to try new things and the Unit not together. F*ck it.”

    • 305 MAFIA

      Tony Yayo Done With Music: “50 Aint Rocking With Me And Banks The Same” | Hiphophotwire http://bit.ly/MFGJl0

  • FOH

    Y’all really gotta stop copping pleas for 50. Stop acting like he’s involved into some enlightened indie artist. He’s FORCED to do this. He’s basically been dropped. But, to save face he has to say he’s leaving the label. How quickly forget it’s been 50 who was major label obsessed.He was 50 “interscope” Jackson. The guy who laughed at other artists for having to leave the label. It was him who always talked record sales. Now we’re supposed to focus on his music and not his record sales and record label? FOH. This is the same guy who called an indie label a rappers graveyard. Now he realizes once you cool off, none of these people care. Make your bed…lay.

    • FOH

      Evolved not “involved”

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      damn ma nigga posted this on about 5 different websites lol

      we get it… You dont like 50 lol

    • Hip Hop Orangutan

      Can you name a 50 album pre-GRODT? Some of his best work is on his mixtapes pre-interscope. He may have got caught up in his own hype and fed into the lifestyle too much? Maybe he started to jack Em’s style by singing a little too much on tracks? He definitely sold out. But he never stopped doing what he always did…fucks subliminals and says names on a track, and goes HAM.

      I see this as only a good thing for rap music. If 50 does anything from this, I hope he can thin out the herd a little bit by calling out some of these cant-believe-they’re-still-here rappers we have been living with.

  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL who would stay on that sinking ship? Other than Slim and that backpacker Kendrick, who is left? 50 at least can still come with shit now that his hands aint tied.Dre’s old ass bout to move to florida and end his days playin shuffleboard.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    BOSS move by Curtis Jackson. He had a great run at Shady/Aftermath.

  • damn

    50cent’s brand took a hit in the streets with Candy shop because he was singing just like ja rule when he claimed ja rule to be soft
    then getting at real rappers such as jadakiss, nas and stylesp
    then 50cent went at jimmy, and dr.dre…
    some of 50cents investments such as sms audio werent up to par with the vitamin water deal
    he lost $8 million to bernie madoff
    his biggest brand hit was going against kanye west. kanye literally won because hiphop was changing and stepping away from the hardcore demographic
    they both put out great bodies of work.

    50cent won and lost but most importantly he made his money
    he can take care of his family and he can rap for fun instead for necessity and busines…
    50cent shook the world for a good 2 years and a he will always be a legend

    • Rumando

      50 never lost $8 million to Madoff, Chris Lighty lost $8 million this is why 50 had to lend him some money before he passed away. Everyone knows 50 is cheap as hell when it comes to his money. He will sit in a house with no cable if the bill is way too high

  • Dre Neal

    Listen Up And Listen Good… All Yall That Are Saying 50 Going Independent Is A Bad Thing Are Speaking Out Of Pure Hate Because The Simple Fact Is That He Wasnt Dropped He BOUGHT Out His Contract Hes Been Free For A Month Now Its Just Now Being Announces Jay-z Did The Same Exact Thing And Did The RocNation Deal. Birdman & Slim Have The Exact Same Distrubution Deal With Universal Is It Because Its 50 cent That Everybody Wanna Make It Seem Bad? What You People Fail To Realize Is The He’s Still 50 cent! If He Sales 1,000,000 Copies Independently Its Like He Sold 10,000,000 On A Major Because He No Longer Has To Pay Dre, Em, and Jimmy. This Gonna Be A Huge Year For 50 Only A Fool Would Say Different

    • Chupo

      Haha that nigga never gonna sell a million again you trippin

      • Dre Neal

        See Your Speaking On The Subject With Hate Already So Ur Opinion Holds No Weight. Did You Know That Samsung Came To 50 Cent Before Jay-z For The Magna Carta Deal But He Turned It Down? That Would Have Been A Million Records Sold Sir See Your Already Wrong!! Let Me Ask You Something Do You Think That One Day 50 Just Woke Up And Said Ima Stop Shittin On Rappers And Goin Crazy In The Industry? He Purposly Toned Down To Fall Under The Radar So He Could Get Out Of His Interscope Deal Watch How He Start Back Turnin Shit Up

        • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

          Bro those caps on the front of those words are hurting my eyes 😀

          • Dre Neal

            Lol my bad bro

          • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

            All good mate 😀

          • nicoswebaby

            lmao, I thought “How long does it take to type? Like he needs one finger on the shift button, but he needs one available for the space button and at the same time type all that, and not miss the caps on front even once!”

  • Sean Power

    it will be inserting to see if 50 cent will start taking shots at dre for free PR

  • NotoriousRambo



    Antonio McLendon
    Bishop Lamont
    Busta Rhymes
    King Tee
    Joell Ortiz
    Marsha Ambrosius
    Slim the Mobster
    Stat Quo
    The Firm
    The Last Emperor
    Truth Hurts



    • Blizee

      Is that you FIF?

    • The Incredible Creation

      Thanks for that old Aftermath roster lol forgot about 98% of them muthafuckas smh…

  • Selorm Amuzu

    I’ll be honest whatever happens to 50 will not be in comparison of the 50cent of the old. even if he went independent, he would be making consistent numbers, at the very least Gold numbers. He will still get his money outside rap but music wise it won’t be first priority.

  • Greg

    This proves this nigga aint no Boss hw u go from selling 10 million twice then not being able to get a release date n constantly shelved u think this could happen to Jay Z? u think Jimmy Iovine could tell Jay his music trash so he aint releasing his music? FOH

    • EchoxHotel

      He just inked a distribution deal for himself and the lable he runs, that would make him a boss right? I mean he’s in charge of his businesses and artist on his label right. I would say thats a boss by definition.

    • Dre Neal

      This was 50’s plan bra yall just dont get it. He is getting ready to go crazy again watch.

    • honest

      if jayz never got with beyonce and clicked up with kanye…he’s be nas status…legend but outta the spotlight and not in demand.
      his relationship breathed life into his relevancy and opened up other doors. kanye also kept him relevant. take them away and then its a fair comparison to anything 50 doing. plus dude 10 years in the game longer than 50.

  • Cuuuurtis

    “Indie labels are where artists go when the majors no longer want to invest in them.” ……right from the monkey’s mouth. Yall can keep eating shit and have 50 tell you its sugar if yall want. He lost. Get over it. We all have our time.

    • Dre Neal

      Young Money/Cash money is Independent… Signed To The Same Label Same Deal

  • figaro

    Nah, like yeah my nigga who give a fuck about my nigga 50 anyway? Everybody knows he just a weak as fuck niggas who just trippin dying to mae some money somehow so even switching or leaving labels is just some publicity stunt to get people talking about him. fuck fifty and any body that love him.

    • Capuccino

      so much hate, keep that shit to urself
      “who give a fuck about my nigga 50 anyway”
      ^according to the comments section, a lot of ppl

  • Giz

    This is definitely a good thing for 50, the last few years has been constant album delays, no or very little promo for singles like We Up, My Life, New Day etc! Now that he’s in charge of his own work I’m sure he will be fully in charge of release dates and promo so there’ll be no more dealys. Hopefully we’ll still get some tracks with Em in the future.Looking forward to Animal Ambition, SKI and POTD re-release!

  • Alex

    You can’t forget the Eminem X 50 x Dre records though.

  • Marlow †

    ion care what none of you 50 stans are saying his right hand man yayo not even fucking with him anymore stop being dumb and in denial the nigga lost, we all take losses

  • Whopper

    It’s pretty simple. 50’s style was pretty one note from the beginning. A gangsta rapper who was pretty good at melody. Then he did that 100 times and it got boring an stale. Styles, trends & music changes and he didn’t. The music became less interesting and his music became less profitable. The record industry is a business, the noticed the buzz dying and the energy leaving. Why throw money at something that won’t give you a return?

    So 50 is free to leave and put out music as he sees fit and Interscope is not burdened with marketing a project that no longer believe in. This happens to about 90% of every artist that ever recorded. The only reason why this is such a hot debate is cause 50 has been a huge proponent of album sales and record labels. It does seem a bit like he has to eat his own words a bit. Regardless, this doesn’t have to turn into a game of who lost or won. Facts are facts.

  • gunot

    they gone BLACKBALL the shit out of dude! If his album do 10k the first he should be happy! first album 10 million plus sold! last album 500k sold! What happened to the other 9,500,000 50 fans?

    • Real Nigga Riley

      They graduated high school and realized he can’t rap.

  • Judge Dredd

    They finally dropped this non rapping as nigga…..ha

  • College

    Damn Homie, in High School you was the man Homie. WTF happened to you?

  • #Mastermind

    More like he got dropped. Damn, Rick Ross really killed 50.

    • Dre Neal

      Rick ross didnt do nothing to 50. 50 hasnt dropped a album since 09 and still is richer and more of an established artist then rick ross will ever be

      • #Mastermind

        So, you think 50 can recover from the beef with Ross. Come on, son that’s not happening. Curtis and the Gorilla Unit are done. Game over. Just get used to it.

        • Dre Neal

          Recover? What exactly did Rick ross do to 50 cent? Your name is Rick ross album like your obviously a stan of him. You cant debate a point if your bias to it. 50 cent is his own boss Rick ross has never went platinum in an album cycle your crazy. #Mastermind is about to flop so hard it has no buzz!! And if it doesnt there buying the albums theres no way rick ross is gonna sale more then 150 his first week no way at all

          • #Mastermind

            Man, your English is really bad. Your vs You’re, you’re biased not your bias, has never gone not has never went, going to sell more than not going to sale more then.

            Son, you really need to learn English.

            Anyway, 50 was dropped by Interscope/Shady/Aftermath. Ross is making better music THAN him. See, that’s how you use than not then.

          • Dre Neal

            You must be on MMG’s payroll or something. I can type perfect english but for what? You understood exactly what i was trying to say. 50 bought out of his contract more then a month ago I been heard about it and researched. It just took for the press release to come out for it to make news. 50 is and will always be bigger and more relevant then Rick ross, Don’t get me wrong Ross does make good music but that’s it. He doesn’t even make forbes for christ sake, 50 has been on there non stop since 03. Get out of here!!

          • #Mastermind

            If you can THEN why don’t do it? In your reply you used more then, and more relevant then. Again. Old habits die hard. Clearly, you need to refresh your English grammar.

            Anyway, I’m glad to hear you do like some of Rozay’s music. At least you’re honest enough to admit it. I commend you on that.

            You’re right, 50 is richer than Ross. He has sold more records. I even like some of his stuff. Still, I think RR makes better music.

          • nicoswebaby

            Typical stans, if they know their argument doesn’t hold they start complaining about grammar and spelling.

          • BK!!

            Sounds like your just dick riding…Ross was nevergood homey.His production is good not the bars or verses.You can hate 50 all you want but,50 still did things Ross will never do and spit real shit!Not made up bullshit.50 lived the life he rapped about Ross is not real at all….And by the way if you go back and peep the beef diss records BANKS bodied Ross…FACTS!OFFICER DOWN!GTFOH!

  • Mylo

    if he got dropped they would have said that. good move 50.

  • Hip Hop Orangutan

    Maybe we can get a Control response from 50 to stir some shit up and celebrate his new found freedom? Something with a Ghetton Quran feel? I could definitely get behind that shit!

  • GreenBergs

    damn folks, g unit fans, queens, its officially over..sorry

  • timechange

    about damn time,50 is a boss,how does it looks to be under these clowns. it doesnt matter if he sells or not, control your own business. he should of did this a while back. Shady is a wack label, only ppl of value ever on it was 50 and em, 50 had GUNIT popping more than shady ever was. Em is POPular,Shady is wack

  • Patrick Wiley

    This isn’t the first time 50 has been “Black-balled” and unable to get any love from a label. So, if anyone can make a comeback I wouldn’t bet against him. That said, he needs to drop a track with some meaning and/or a single that isn’t on an awful beat. We’re far removed from the days of a Ghetto Qur’an or a In Da Club, but if 50 came with a bunch of music like “They Burned Me”, I could get behind that.

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    In 2014, what’s the benefit of being on Shady/Aftermath?
    They haven’t done anything that mattered in years. Slaughterhouse was a dud
    Yeawolf made his own buzz then died off after releasing an album via Shady.

    50 has tv/films/boxing promotion & still makes tour money all the time. Not to mention headphones & everything else.

    If you’re feeling sorry/laughing at 50 then I def want to know what you’ve done and what you’re doing now. There’s no doubt 50 fell off from where he was, but where he is now is def better than what a lot of popular rappers are doing now.

    Peace to the kid 50 Cent. Good luck on the next album

  • Extra Domus

    leaves shady…b.dot stop being such a bitch and put proper titles to articles

  • Medualla_Oblongata

    It’s funny how Curtis Jackson’s fans come up with all kind of excuses for their idol’s shortcomings.

    Isn’t he the one who used to make fun of other rappers’ record sales and label situation?! Now all of a sudden sales don’t matter, he doesn’t have to rap because he’s rich, blahblahblah.

    You guys are so childish. Smh.

    • Slime Flu

      What does that shit have to do with this power move?

  • Da Business

    Damn, the hate is real on here. Hate him or love him, Fif’s run was 1 for the ages. We’ll never see a movement like his again.

  • Thunn Wonder

    The new ish is on youtube check Microphonixxx-The Imaginary Ladder
    Moderate my balls

  • My_Life_EMINEM

    let’s face it.. there’s only 2 reasons why he leaves money and fame! it really sucks! just listening to the song “I need a doctor” by dre and eminem and i’d realize that 50 cent really sucks! i hate him now! it’s true that only Dr. Dre and EMINEM til’ the end.

  • DOdo

    After reading all the info which Rapradar didn’t post it sounds good and the funeral is dope with a great video

  • elliottcocksuckerwilson

    Is 50 powerful enough to guide his own career without a big label backing him????? i hope so. he should just do a online release and save money

  • austin

    Well I don’t like it but if that what 50 wants to do to further his who am I to judge so good luck 50.and can’t wait to see what this album has to offer


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