City Removes Big Pun Street Sign


Can He Live?

Big Pun fan Shane Rossi, took matters into his own hands last week and renamed E. 163rd St. and Longwood Ave. in The Bronx after the fallen rapper.

Using zip ties, he hoisted the custom sign on the 14th anniversary of Pun’s death. Unfortunately,┬áDepartment of Transportation has since taken the sign down.


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  • DumbBitchWheresPam

    R.I.P pun one of the best to ever rip the mic top 5 hands down. Dead in the middle ahh you know the rest. Even if I stutter I ahh you know the rest. Props to my fam out in the BX 183 creston ave.

  • Sean Power

    With all due respect to Pun he was great rapper but he hasn’t done anything to get any street name after him
    maybe community center a basketball court but not a street

  • PTK

    he’s an idiot for using zip ties

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Grandstanding BS to put on Youtube & try to get Twitter/IG followers smh

    You love Big Pun, support his son, write your council person, but don’t do this silly hood shit that gets attributed to Pun’s name and hip hop.