New Video: Ace Hood “Fear”

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Shook Ones.

Ace is back in the warehouse with a bunch of masked men and signal flares. Now, that’s a scary sight. Off the Starvation 3 which you can download here

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  • Brian

    Checkout the new album from Taunt #WELCOME2TAUNTVILLE at its FREE!!!!

  • OG BOBBY Long Johnson

    This would be fire if the bass dropped harder after the intro.

  • dadankisgrown12feetfromme

    Do people take this seriously as music? This is basically No Fear clothing from the 90s. Just created and distributed to poor people hoping that enough of them will pay the little money it costs to own(5 dollar t shirts. 99 cent i tunes songs) The shit is every stereotype of the rap music industry brought to life on the track. southern takeover. Realest nigga. Brinks Trucks. Rhyming nigga with nigga.

    In all honesty the flow is there but the content makes no sense whatsoever. The verses don’t mix well. They are spit very well but they are lacking in any real creativity. No emotion, getting loud and yelling on a track doesn’t mean emotion. U know when you can feel an artist has put their most into something and Ace Hood feels like something that this dude does on the side like if they took it away it wouldn’t change his life at all. LIke he checks into the rap game at 9 am then leaves at 5 pm. it aint his life no matter how much the lyrics put together by his writers and the corporate execs who made the plan of “Ace Hood” in whatever office they did it in.

    Hey ace hood. The gym called. You won. Its over. You can quit.

    • DOdo

      Agree, for some reason i just don’t believe Ace Hood. It comes across forced and fake.

    • Hanna Montana

      I lost it when I read “No Fear clothing from the 90’s”!.

  • Toni Strandman

    Ace Hood spits fire.. Starvation 3 was a really nice mixtape, where the love at? 😛

  • Perfect#3

    Ace is authentic, so fuck all your BULLSHIT~! #3 PERFECT