New Video: Katy Perry x Juicy J “Dark Horse”

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 3.33.01 PM

Walk Like An Egyptian.

Thanks to Katy Perry, Juicy J has the number one in the country. Trippy ain’t it? Looking to stay in the top spot, here’s their new video inspired by  The Gift of the Nile.

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  • BRian

    Checkout the new album from Taunt #WELCOME2TAUNTVILLE at

  • BRian

    Checkout the new album from Taunt #WELCOME2TAUNTVILLE at

    • Sebastian Slade

      I’d rather spend more time singing up for a Disqus account solely so I can reply;

  • Rob Get-It

    Best video I’ve seen in a while

    • Sebastian Slade


  • MrSkeezyMak

    Disappointing. I expect way more cleavage in a Katy Perry video. 🙁

  • DatRudeNIGGA

    So a white woman pretending to be Egyptian hmmmm……..

    • trolling is what i do

      and a house nigga co signing it

    • Niggasthesedays

      why you acting like that’s something new?

      White people have been playing Egyptians, Cleopatra, and Pharaohs since a WHITE person invented the camera and the film to do such..

      just a LITTLE research, and you would have known that enough to not even have to comment your confusion

      • DatRudeNIGGA

        Nigga i dont give a fuck what they invented house bitch they aint African thats like us pretending to be an English King gtfo.

        • X

          so you think egyptians are black ?

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            Read a history book son

          • X

            you been somewhere outside of us?

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            Actually i have been lived in turkey for two years in the air force

          • X

            so why you trippin bout the white girl in the video? she wanted to be a queen in her video and likes the old egyptian culture… thats pretty it.

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            That how it starts i just read how ppl are trying to say Egyptians didnt build the pyramids that aliens helped them its funny how they discredit anything black ppl do

          • TeF

            Man, shuttup. I’m a Navy veteran, been all over too, and nothing you say here holds any validity in terms of who should look like what, what the fuck does your whack ass two years in Turkey mean besides you probably knocked up a local prostitute by mistake. Egyptians, were black in genetics, whether you believe that or not, is your problem, but they damn sure did not look like fucking Katy Perry or Liz Taylor, so have several seats with that. Also, any point you even tried to make about our people and who can play them artistically went out the window when you put the word “NIGGA” in your username and left your garbage thoughts in 19 comments, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you were some Elvis album owning white dude trying to get a point across to black minds. FOH

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            Nah i gotta get u fuck boy since you wanna comment nigga like me find out your address through the internet first u seaman mutherfucker white washed piece of dog shit keep fuckn around with these white women poison u stupid fuck let me found out you just got in the miltary u pussy bitch

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            U wack ass fuckboy

  • JD

    This song is retarded, and just plain terrible.

    • Jenifer

      It is a good song

  • brza

    wow this is bad

  • Free Agentz

    The video is dope! Pop doing snap music now, glad to see Rap is still trend setting.

  • notafan

    this is a joke.