Breakfast Club Interviews ScHoolBoy Q

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Fedora Low.

UPDATE: Nearly a year later, SchoolBoy Q’s back. Below is a wrap up of everything discussed.  

Schoolboy Q he speaks on his new album “Oxymoron” being released next week, being homeless and wanting to world the end before his record deal, feeling like he hasn’t had a hit record and wanting one, does he still think Kendrick Lamar is wack and more!!

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  • blackJew

    Too bad this dude murdered him on his own track dip set west-

  • G-cass

    Puffy is next up!

  • LoverOfHipHop

    I fucks with Schoolboy, dope dude.

  • Devante

    TDE is doing a good job molding their artist… My only question is why didn’t they do this with Jay Rock in 08-09?

  • veesky

    ^^^ Jay Rock was like their first child, when they secured his deal with Warner they thought everything would be all good but they learned from the mistakes with his deal moving forward

  • Faady

    I swear there was 101 questions that could of been asked with 18mins

  • Da Business

    I fux w/ Schoolboy Q, Habbits & Contradictions is dope as shit…

    Jay Rock is the Tony Yayo of TDE. Not hating, just saying…



  • Da Business

    1st of all homie, slow ur roll. No need for the Internet thuggin’, we can have a discussion w/o slanging mud.

    Anyway, I’m not saying that Jay Rock is wack, he’s just not on the same level as K.Dot, Soul, or Q.

    Just like Yayo wasn’t on the same level as 50, Buck, Game, or Banks…

    No disrespect to Rock but its the truth…

  • Leon Sandcastle

    ^ you tripping, rock > Q.

    All 4 of them are nice though.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Nah we just haven’t seen rock at his best yet , but that yola was fire tho

  • PsychoBoy

    Jay Rock made the mistake of copying what was hot and became just another rapper in the crowd go listen to his album and your see what i mean The other 3 aren’t doing that they are just doing them and that makes them stand out

  • trayway

    By looking at this shit you can tell that Q ain’t really feelin Charlamagne … everytime Charlamagne say something Q look at him like “this nigga is a sucka” . much respect to Q

    • GreenBergs

      charlamagne be exposing these dudes in a lot of interviews and puttting a lot of hints and shit like that that gets rappers uptite..

  • Da Business

    @ Leon Sandcastle

    I have to disagree bruh, if that was the case it’d be Rock following Kendrick. To be honest w/u outside of K.Dot, Q is the only other member that has star(mass appeal) potential out of the group. He’s the yang to K. Dot’s ying.


    He needs to stop playing than, TDE is on fire right now and it seems like everyone is checking for everyone in the click except for Rock…

  • Da Business

    @ PsycoBoy

    My point exactly, by no means is the dude wack, he just doesn’t stand out like the rest of the crew…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Schoolboy Q is that dude. I like that song he did with FIF last year.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I agree about the star potential. I don’t see AbSoul or jay rock being big stars. But just in terms of BARS,

    kdot > soul > rock > q.

    But we’ll see

    • Da Business

      @ Leon Sandcastle

      I feel ya but, u and I know that bars only get u so far in this game. Q’s presence is what’s helping him win. They’re all winning tho…

  • Black Shady

    lyrically….Rock is better than Q. But who got the “star potential” ??? I give it to Q no doubt

    TDE!!!! this is their time

  • Rare User

    i remember my first listening to H&C i understand that its that dude

  • The Wise


  • KoldCase

    jay rock is dope


    Kendrick > Ab-Soul > Schoolboy Q > Jay Rock

  • Intelligence

    I was actually looking for new Jay Rock material before I stumbled upon this article. How can anyone hate on Jay Rock? Dude is dope as fuck. Examples: YOLA, Money Trees, Kill or Be Killed… I can go on forever but the point is Jay Rock is a lyrical demon. I like all of Black Hippy individually so it wouldn’t be the same without Rock.

  • Viva La Raza

    yall tripping, Jay Rock go hard. He spit that ghetto gospel, got a sick voice, why hes not putting out music I have no idea..and true and he need to release something ASAP for many reasons…

    and yes Rock was the 1st to pop from TDE…

    • You just answered your own question. Rock popped off first so now he gotta wait in line for every one else to drop then he’ll get back rockin again. Top know what he doing over there. They don’t drop “mixtapes”, its always an underground EP/Album so I can’t say Rock should have down that thus far. He just gotta wait & chill. Black Hippy album will come out before he gets a 2nd LP, it’s not in demand. That Black Hippy will most likely showcase Rocks talents more to set up his 2nd LP.

      • tututhebadboy

        Agreed. They also got a problem with given out too much free music also

  • Greg

    Really disappointed in how trash his album is smfh.

  • Oxymoron is dope as fuck. If you appreciate real street aggressive music then you’ll agree. If you looking for another Hands On The Wheel from it then its not for you. Real dark hip hop shit. I fucks with it. Doesn’t grab you off first listen as GKMC did though but you can’t even compare the two. Salute to Q. #TIMELESS

  • BCE

    TDE dropping 6 projects this year.