New Music: Cassidy “Don’t Get Me Started”

dont get me started

Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None.

Flipping DMX’s track, Cassidy comes to finish what niggas done started on his brand new recording. Better watch what you ask for.

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  • Good Day

    Cassidy got bars and I respect that but how do you call yourself the best when all you do is hop on other rapper’s beats like be original mann the best dont duplicate the substance another already made because the best knows they can do it better and this is the same shit as Papoose too.

  • Ff

    Cass can rap but he needs to stop jumping on other people’s joints. Drop something original and stop fucking with wack ass producers too. This dude is burying himself and don’t even know it. It would be ill to see son back in those conversations and to be on top of his game.