Pharrell Covers ‘Billboard’


Will He Ever Fall Off?
After owning the Grammys, Pharrell has his eyes set on Oscar gold on the cover of Billboard. P’s hit “Happy” is nominated for Best Original Song. My money’s on him.¬†On another note, P auctioned off his hat to charity. Current bid is at 10 grand.

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  • Marley71
  • Dashing28

    To all the people that clowned Pharrel’s hat during the Grammy’s. He’s selling it on ebay.

    So far it’s already past $10,000 so dude is obviously getting the last laugh.

  • PoorHomieeQuann

    nigga got a mexican family living under that hat

  • Murphy Steele

    can’t wait til I see some fuckhead wearing that hat in public

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I’ll never pay $10,000 for that silly hat. Silly looking fucking hat, get the fuck outta hear.

  • JD

    Pharrell’s cool, but that hat is silly, in a not cool way.

  • Nerd

    Pharrell has always been innovative with his fashion and music alike. I’m ‘happy’ for him.