Common Talks N-Word On ‘Outside The Lines’

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My Hittas.


Common appeared on ESPN’s “Outside The Line” last night. During his discussion, he spoke on the N-word and his take on the NFL’s adoption to banning the euphemism.

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  • mixed

    i cant help saying nigga when singing along to songs

    • Wallace Fard Muhammad

      I bet you can help it when you’re in the presence of black people.

      • mixed

        i wouldn’t say it in front of any random person in general. but around friends i do, because we understand content and intent

        • mixed

          i meant to say context not content

        • Wallace Fard Muhammad

          White friends or black friends? If you say that around your black friends, there is no context and intent that allows you to say the N words… it will just be a case of your black friends being very confused.

          • nicoswebaby

            My black friends always tell me I’m the only one they can tolerate using the N word, I don’t do it because they allow me. Yes I sing along any rap song, using the N word, usually censor it around people I don’t know, but if it’s with my black friends I go with it. But it rarely happens.
            I’m sure you’ve seen a whitey sing along and get all quite, it’s awkward as fuck. Rather stand up and be a man about it, the intent is not to come off as an racist, but to enjoy the music to the fullest.


  • Noe/Edub

    Interesting discussion. Common hit it right on the head.

  • D-Twice

    I completely understand both sides of the issue, but if you think about it when you have aritsts as big as Jay and Ye releasing a single called Niggas in Paris and they know a large portion of thier fanbase is white. How can they expect them to not think its ok for them to say it.

  • MadShot

    In France we all laugh at each other with racist words, that’s part of the amusement of the bunch of kids we are.
    I dont know why you’re still shy about it.
    Laughing at it as immature kids is probably the most mature answer to this matter.

  • thescoop1

    On February 10, 2014 the following book was released addressing the Black community’s use of the n-word, the driving force behind it, the ramifications and consequences of it all:

  • cokeboy

    “I say nigga a hundred times a day makes my teeth white” – Paul Mooney