New Music: Tyga, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne “Senile”


Einstein. Three of Young Money’s staring five go crazy on the latest release off Rise Of An Empire. Produced by David D.A. Doman, the compliations drops on March 11,

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  • Wayne bodied this shit

  • Reader

    Sick beat.
    Nicki did her thing.

    • Juice

      haha, who comments on this wack verse by this sad rapper

  • Brandon Hill

    Tyga trash rap. Nicki went in. Wayne the rap god did what he does best and bodied it

    • Tyga ain’t trash, far from it. You just heard his commercial bullshit. he’s a spitter forreal

      • Cmon Son

        Yeah nah

        • Still ain’t gonna change the fact that the nigga can SPIT

        • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

          reactions classic

  • PPV

    wayne verse got me a tad bit excited for Carter V

    • My Nigga

      Nigga said tad

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Agreed. Tad bit.

  • jsmooth

    Waaayyyynneee!! My faith has been restored.. Carter V y’all. .

  • Carlos Danger

    i just like the can you see now or you senile its simple but its cool..but this knocks and they all rock the beat.


  • Hussle

    lol this the type of shit we get from this camp now? no thanks

  • cannon

    weezy ran a full lap around those 808s and siznapped!

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    You clowns are amazing!!!
    One aight verse and “weezy’s back”
    “C V gonna be a classic”

    Some real flip flopping cheerleaders messing up Hip Hop smh

    • REALLY23

      That’s what happens when an artist has an established track record… There’s always hope that they can comeback if they ever have a slump…

      • DatRudeNIGGA

        Yep pretty much ppl act like wayne aint a beast when he wants to be smh

        • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

          So you’re saying that Wayne consciously put out terrible music since ’08 cause it’s something he didn’t “want to be”?
          Support that kind of an artist, I guess

          • REALLY23

            Jay-Z and Beyonce had slumps for a sec. They’re both on top of their game.

          • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

            I don’t recall a 6 year slump tho homie.

            Plus at Wayne’s peak, he didn’t have much going on l yrically, just a lot of great beats, hooks & , tho i hate this word, SWAG for the kiddies to love.

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            i guess No Ceilings was beats and hooks lol.

          • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

            I’ll never forget “No Ceilings” mania when it swept the nation and every rapper was using Wayne’s flow & lyrics in their own songs to create a hit song.

            What a time that was

          • hateisreal

            put it in da bag

          • The Fonz

            I would technically say hes been really bad since Tha Carter 4.

          • REALLY23

            You’re right about the timeframe…

            Wayne had the Crown on the A Millie album. His reign wasn’t long but he wasn’t definitely the number 1 rapper out at a point in time.

          • hateisreal

            wayne was number for a good 2-3 years….The anticipation on the lead up to the Carter 3 was immense anit lived up to it….that album format and being different from mixtapes basically paved the way for the mix tape game

          • DatRudeNIGGA

            This dude lol okay when Lil Wayne aint playing around his is very lyrical just bored lol.

    • cannon

      they love you, then they hate you, then they love you again.

    • Alex Cooper

      He’s actually been comin through pretty nice with the verses on 4 or 5 new songs lately.

    • hateisreal

      i cant lie im one of them nut i been a fan since ‘drop like its hot’ , he was at his best when he was dropping mixtape after mixtape, my favorite being the drought series, they say 50 started the mixtape thing but weezy perfected it…..i even didnt i mind some of the rock joints e.g drop the world ft Em….but as soon as he started taking the skateboarding and the trukfit more important than the music he clearly fell off and fell off BAD….it actually pissed me off ….i couldnt listen to him at all i refused to hear one of my all times fav rappers out there spiting garbage but he seems to be getting back to his best

  • REALLY23

    Bout time Wayne soundin’ good again…

  • DaTruthWillSetUFree

    Wayne hasn’t missed in 2014…nigga been bodying everything.

    I hope he keep it up…C5

    • SD #ash Tag

      Wuteva y’ont know

      • DaTruthWillSetUFree

        Stupid nigga I know. Ol box head ass.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      good because his 2013 shit was trash

  • MMG Suede

    YMCMB fell off so hard, Mastermind on its way but im excited for Carter V, Wayne been on his job. The rest na.

  • blackholesurfer

    really lol is all i gotta say.

  • omg omg omg weezy baby

    i swear that nigga weezy back… and i haven teven hit play yet…… my nigga remix, we alright…. and so many other verses… weezy on fire…. da fire man

  • tt

    weezy killed this woop

  • McGrahamable

    Tyga’s verse was great wtf are you guys talking about. Nicki killed it though, best verse hands down.

  • David

    Wayne has never been garbage. He revolutionized the genre for fuck’s sake. He just over saturated the market and got stuck artistically post No Ceilings. But one verse that is half decent doesn’t give me hope that he can put together another classic album (Carters I, II and III). I want it to happen, but don’t expect it.

    • keep it g

      Yeah nah, Wayne was garbage C3-present.

  • Nic Aych

    who’s the starting 5? Nicki, Drake, Wayne, & Tyga given.

    • Balla

      birdman i guess lol

  • CoolKidd177

    drake on the remix and u got the 4 best artists in ymcmb

  • all of them killed it!

  • FreSH82

    Dope track!! Wayne spit that flame on this 1! I like what I been hearing from Tune
    lately 2014 looking good so far for YMCMB

  • Nicki_fan_4_life

    Love this track. Nicki > Tyga > Wayne. I am a fan of all three artists, but my favorite is Nicki. She is amazing! IMHO, Tyga also did his thing. I am a bit shocked to hear people praising Wayne’s verse so much compared to his usual stuff. I didn’t hear anything spectacular in his word play. Maybe it is just me. Tyga and Nicki were flowing so fast at one point they needed a parachute to slow down.

  • This beat is tight.Song is right. Wayne did spit on here.His flow was on point.Song goes hard

  • hateisreal

    i think wayne back on the drugs cos hes starting to spit that sick shit again

  • Carter Villian

    These guys need new beats and I got em

    Microphonixxx – The Imaginary Ladder
    Out Now!!!!

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    songs boring. waiting to hear wayne’s verse.