• WilliamSTEEZO

    hate if you want to, but Ross delivers albums.

  • Davey Allen

    i just feel like the things he says are just all lies. You can’t be all Bosses and Thugs.

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad






    • what

      yeah lmao. the script never changes. wwf cartoon character officer ross.
      so uncomfortable in his own skin and personna he cant brake character for one second. as gucci called him a police ass nigga.
      this niggas music is played out so is MMG.
      i wonder how long lyor cohen and his connects are gonna keep promoting him still after his album flops. yeah he released the last selfmade tape but it went double plastic…khaled went copper……french went double wood…….think ross stans gonna be shocked when his 1st week numbers come in. MOZE DEFINITELY.

      • kanye west

        LMFAO. this shit was hilarious.


      Actually, the actual Mastermind album is actually pretty good. That’s just an actual fact. Still some don’t agree. I guess that’s just the competitive nature of Hip Hop.

      • what

        actually that mastermind album from what we’ve heard is same ol average garbage ross been serving up for the longest. REAL TALK. we watching this dude die slow musically right in front of us.

        MOZE DEFINITLEY we await the 1st week sales……………………………

        “its hard for a young black executive” -rick ross age 38. LMAO.

    • MMG Pleather

      He says ‘most definitely’ ‘boss’ and ‘at the end of the day’ about as much as Fiddy say actual but no one ever says shit.


    I think it’s funny how the last 4 albums he’s dropped the same hater’s will talk about him like he’s losing when he’s also dropped 3 MMG Compilation albums while most rappers/MC’s have done what?!?!?! The fact that he could buy Evanders house is a testament to the hardwork he’s put in to achieve his goal’s!!! Typical crab n the barrel ass loser’s would rather talk shit then get on their grind!

    • MaDD MaXx

      I agree to a degree but it’s not really your typical crabs, these are white children loyal to Shady/GUnit.

      The type of losers that are just hateful towards Alack folks in general.

      • what

        you just cant handle the truth. ross album is at best okay.nothing special. hype is hype and lets be honest there’s no hype around this album. ross and mmg are done. he’s just got good connects in blogs and media through lyor jay and puff that for the moment keeps him in the spotlight. everything is cylcles. and ross and mmg’s is over. where’s meek 2nd album at? where’s all the the other 25 niggas albums on the “label” the hottest “label” at?
        look at the khaled,french,selfmade and 2 chainz numbers recently…..the jig is up….mmg and ross’s jig is up.

        • The Incredible Creation

          Not sure why you included 2chainz in that.. lol he seems to be doing pretty well for himself.. “on his own” & not signed to an “artist” like most these niggas out here *shrugs* just wanted to point that out, definitely agree with everything else tho… lol

      • MMG Pleather

        This 40 year old selfie taking groupie thinks only white kid 50 cent fans dislike Ross… and everyone else loves listening to lies and made up tales from a former C.O.

        • MaDD MaXx

          Catfish white boy envious he cant take a “selfie”, your pink face ain’t built for public viewing that’s why u lurk in the shadows like a coward. U a scary bitch.

          • MMG Pleather

            feelings were caught

            whats it like being a middle aged male rap groupie?

      • MMG Pleather

        If you check out his past comments they are all cheerleading for MMG or he’s shitting on 50 Cent and Eminem… he sounds like a crab himself.

  • MannyThoughts

    It’s unfortunate that DISQUS doesn’t show downvotes anymore.

  • Rumando

    “I write my lifestyle, y┬┤all niggas is cheaters
    Your lines come from feds, felons and don diva” @50cent

  • Street-Life

    s/o 2 DADE COUNTY Nigga… MFers Don’t Know…Miami been 1 of the Most CORRUPTED city in America from the 80’s To 90’s…ALOT of Shit some niggas will never Understand…Magic City the Real Magic City built off COCAIN MFers

  • 954broward

    i heard this album last night dope shit


    it cant be a coincidence that every day i come on here a rick ross post is at the top.

  • Your Father

    We got cups (cops), we got food! Haha! Sneak dissin’ – Enuff play too much.

  • thetruth

    daamn that new rick ross album is fiiiiiiiireeee

  • Anti-Hero

    Why would anyone want to interview this guy.. You’re never gonna get anything real out of him just more talk about at the end of the day he’s most definitely a boss doing boss stuff with his young bosses

    • The Incredible Creation


  • Anti-Hero

    It’s great that he has a conscience on him that he doesn’t want to endorse cigarettes while he makes money glamorizing selling cocaine, murder, violence and date rape, etc… make sure you buy his alcohol and chicken though, that shit is good for you.

  • Trilliam


  • JADatsyuk

    Rozay 38 and on his 6th LP…Jesus, at 60 he’s gonna be coming out with “Maybach Music 15”