Drake & Rihanna “Take Care” In Paris

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 7.34.50 PM

Back Off, Drizzy.

Drake brought his Would You Like A Tour over to Paris this evening. During his performance, Ri Ri joined him for their first live performance of “Take Care”. Easy on the AubRih gossip.

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  • jav

    Drake is one of those guys..smh

  • Bee

    finds every opportunity to be behind her.

  • Jimjmmj

    2 years later #smh
    But still a killa song
    Drake keep winning

  • Dre Neal

    Its crazy that it took for them to be on stage together for me to see he really wrote that song for her lol

    • tmb

      lol dude if you listen to his songs more, you can see he wrote A LOT of his songs about her. NWTS is full of rih mentions

  • Sam Robilotta

    fukin dope

  • Debonair NOVA

    Glad to see them sharing the same stage.

  • Treya_b

    easy on the aubrih gossip? lol you love social media tooooo much YN besides everyone knows u got the inside scoop with ur fair skinned brotha


  • Belize

    playa move

  • Hussle

    they smashing again

  • TheRapalive .

    Fuck drake Fuck rihanna Fuck devil’s boys

  • Thanks or sharing my video !!

  • PTK

    how do people pay and cheer for his struggle singing?

    • Paul_j8

      I went to his concert in November… dude killed it live and I’m someone who didn’t think he had a lotta range but he did good with his more r&b songs… its prolly just the audio in the video or maybe he distracted by that bad gal