New Music: King Los “Pound Cake (Freestyle)”


More Cake.

Apparently there’s more cake to go around and King Los takes a piece for this unreleased freestyle. His Zero Gravity 2 coming soon.


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  • Patrick Wiley

    Can rhyme all day, say metaphors all day, come with interesting imagery all day, but if you cannot write a song, you won’t succeed. I’ve yet to be impressed by this guys’ ability to write songs. Game name-drops better. Nothing “King” about someone who doesn’t even have an esteemed album.

    Not denying the kid has bars, but he doesn’t seem to have much else.

    • poetic assasin

      I feel you on this even though this track is ill… haven’t listened to any of his tapes so I can’t defend him.

    • That’s the problem with you consumers. You wan’t the movie right when the trailer premiers. Los explains why he’s a king on this record and not a God. a few set backs may be the reason he didn’t hit mainstream radio yet but he will. Soon as this culture shifts. Too much turn up and the second you get a song with substance, you immediately throw shade. You say ALL DAY as if any other rappers besides Drake, Kendrick, & Cole are competing lyrically with mainstream success.

      • Patrick Wiley

        I’ve been following Los for a long time. I’m not even talking exclusively about mainstream music. As the only artist you listed that I genuinely enjoy is Kendrick [Cole has some songs, but I just don’t really like his style].. Again, though, those three artists all write songs which is why they are the only ones competing [your words].

        Los hasn’t evolved, he’s been doing this type of song for years. That’s all I am saying.

    • Cmon Son

      I agree 100% this nigga Los can fucking RAP but he has no hook, no discernible movement & ever since the rumors about Bad Boy folding idk what label he’s even on. From a talent standpoint I’ve been watching and enjoying son for a while but he has ZERO traction in the industry (from an outside perspective) and after seeing how Vado faltered I’d hate to see him go that route of being talented & having a chance to shine but not really having the proper push or hit-songs to “catch on” or “break through”

  • Maize

    Wonders why Tito Lopez pound cake freestyle was never posted

  • frades

    raw talent right there

  • Doctor J

    I can expect Los to spaz on a song 90% of the time, it’s great.

    The dude wants to drop mixtapes, let him drop mixtapes. He wants to show his skill and get his name up, why knock him for it? He’s more skilled than nearly any mainstream rapper today, and I would much, MUCH rather hear this right here than any 2Chainz garbage, any trap beat song, anything that came from the south (sorry it just blows), etc. Couldn’t care less about a hook. And he does have a few songs with some nice hooks, so there’s potential. How about we give the dude a chance since he’s a breath of fresh air in a mainstream where I’m still clinging to Eminem for lyrics.
    I like Kendrick, he’s good, but he’s becoming overhyped and it’s only a matter of time before he stops making good songs, and to be honest, I prefer Los’s flow.

    I’m just waiting for the next Slaughterhouse album…