New Video: Casey Veggies “Whip It”

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.47.51 PM

There Goes The Neighborhood.

Casey Veggies takes a trip back to Life Changes while riding through Inglewood in his new video. Pop a wheelie and download the tape here.

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  • Capuccino

    “i be stuntin in the hood like it aint no secret”… this kids ridin his bike through the suburbs… right from that i knew to not expect much lyrically from this track… mad forgettable track

    • Not sure if you’re from L.A. or ever been, but trust me when I tell you its hard to distinguish the hood from the ‘burbs by the looks of the houses..

      • Capuccino

        i believe u fam, i live in the hood in brooklyn and i kno its easier to distinguish in nyc, but iv seen pictures of compton that look like a suburb so i feel u. I’m just saying that if u look into his bars on this track, he actually isn’t saying anything just rhyming, which is all good it just keeps me from connecting to the song

      • Viva La Raza

        true, South Central houses look nice..Crenshaw/Adams have nice houses…but Casey Veggies is kinda boring


    I got that ice cream shirt to b