New Music: Nipsey Hussle “Where Yo Money At”

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C.R.E.A.M.Cash is king.  And with DJ Mustard on the beat, Nip remains money hungry on his latest joint. This will appear on his collaborative mixtape with Young & Reckless later this week.

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  • Viva La Raza

    nothing Nip drops is interesting, his interview contain more gems than his lyrics.

    • tall

      bullshit,,,,,where the [email protected]&k your money at……

    • Yamz

      The mansion, Closer than most, one take freestyle, paid my dues, Questions (outro), it’s hard out here, Don’t take days off, check me out….just to name a few that you obviously never heard…I do agree his last couple songs been mostly bout money but do your history before you state some foolishness like that

      • Viva La Raza

        “bullets aint got no name” was fire…havent heard much that I liked since then. His interviews are mad intelligent tho..the music, not so much. Remember, this is just my opinion..

    • Neighborhood Nip

      You way off.

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    The West runnin the Game right now!

    • Yamz

      if NY aint gonna do it then somebody got to…as long as the souths run finishes