New Video: Rick Ross “Oyster Perpetual”

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Watch This.

With Mastermind hitting retail next week, Rick Ross comes right on time with the visual to his Rolex inspired track.

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  • TOP 5 POSTS ?????

    William Roberts >>>>>>>>>>>Every Black Actor

  • lupis

    God now I definitely think that was staged

    • Hanna Montana

      Like, how is getting shot at in your own city on your birthday cool?? Why would he want to keep bringing that up.. If they wanted to hit him they would have, no one has aim that bad.

  • TruthOrTruth

    Album is a big letdown. Even for Officer Ricky. Nothing special on it. Nobody will talk about this in a month. People moved on. Cops aren’t in style anymore.

    • DaTruthWillSetUFree

      I can’t ride with this comment…this is easily his best album. Straight fire.

      And I don’t fuck with Ross in the least.

    • THE guest

      that sizzla track was hard

    • MMG Suede

      You came here for likes don’t lie to yourself dawg, production wise and there was even 2 or 3 nice raps from him on this album. But the production and sound easily his best. Not many people in this generation talk about albums a month after anyway unless its a dickride artist so its ok bro. Love life tho

      • MMG Pleather

        “there was even 2 or 3 nice raps from him on this album”

        Wow thats all you have to say? You’re the biggest MMG fanboy on here and you saying 2 or 3 nice raps from him?

        • MMG Suede

          I have to be truthful bro, we all know Ross aint the best lyrically but makes the best music. Buy his album March4 takethat!

  • Hanna Montana

    He’s still milking that fake ass shooting?

    C’mon man it was Haitan kids busting shots in the air for fun. His car didn’t get 1 scratch until he shit his pants at the sound of gunfire and crashed into that wall!

    Waste of a nice beat if you ask me.

    • Understand

      So you gonna act like you wouldnt do the same if you herd gun shots? Stop tryna act tough on the internet kid.

      • Hanna Montana

        But now he’s putting all these sound clips in his songs and videos like he’s some super gangster who survived a mob hit LMAO

      • Hanna Montana

        Yeah I might have got scared, but I didn’t make a career out of how I’m some Untouchable bossed out drug lord with gunshots all in my songs and shit.

    • Dwight Stewart

      nope, no one asked you.

  • BK!!

    Nothing special at all……Times Up FRAUD!!!!Check your Rollie….

    • MMG Suede

      But you clicked on this becaauseeeee.. ?

  • Debonair NOVA

    Digging the visual, not bad at all.

  • OMG

    Officer Rick searches buttholes and digs out poop from inmates he looks
    in their buttcracks for drugs and and tickles their nutsacks and cracks…

  • Dwight Stewart

    Professional haters are professionally hating…fat ass couch warmers. at least this fat guy isn’t lazy.

  • this song makes me want turkey bacon and coffe with vanilla cream.