Future “Tim Westwood” Freestyle

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Flipping The Yam.

During his visit in London, Future visited Tim Westwood in the studio. While playing a few tracks, Future had the urge to spit a few raps off the top. Lucky us.

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  • JemPage

    He really talks like the freestyle was dope though. As Treach said on ‘Something from Nothin’, a lot of rappers are claiming they don’t write.. and it shows…

    side note: is that hair?

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    future dont rap…stick to makin pop tracks

  • tlox

    I commend Tim for his professionalism…didn’t burst out in laughter

    • Dwight Stewart

      HAHAHA true

  • It’s Just Music

    say what you want about Future, you have to admire his work ethic and passion for his craft. Dude is always striving to be better.

    I don’t like trap music, but he seems to have really mastered this music and catchy rhymes. Plus he an actual okay job on the freestyle.

  • East Coast Digital Radio
  • Sam Robilotta

    Let me guess how this sounds, like a down syndrome kid whos teacher just took his kool ade. Since when do r n b cats who cant sing freestyle?

  • kanye west

    what was up with that dap moment.

  • Dwight Stewart

    Freestyle?!!! oh lord, lemme hear this.

  • Rap Zombie

    Even though his freestyle skill is not great, I respect that he did it. This is real hip hop just not to the highest standard. I respect it. Maybe he should try writing though.

  • Rap Zombie

    By the way Tim was dead wring for that Tupac reference. I think he was putting Future in his place but Future didn’t pick up on it. Funny stuff.

  • DialTone

    EHHH I can’t call it…. Mr. Westwood has such a great History it sucks that he has to interview these wack cats, but I ant mad at Future at least he went off the top and it wasent as bad as i thought it was going to be.

  • Future Is #1

    I love Future. He always hits me with those lyrics that hit the heart. I want to see him work with maybe Wu Tang or maybe Richard Simmons.
    He’s at 14:30 and counting…
    screeching ass nails on a chalkboard vocals…ugggggh.

  • Totally XrossDDD Out

    that hair?!?!?!
    My Mama wear hair like that, no wonder he popping. He in that cross dressing scene, that’s an untapped market in hiphop!