Pharrell Speaks On LP Cover Backlash

VIOLET GREY Honors Elizabeth Taylor At She's So Violet Salon Dinner

Beautiful Girls.

Some people are never satisfied.  Pharrell’s  G I R L album cover recently came under fire for not featuring any dark skinned women . P called up The Breakfast Club this morning to kill the noise.

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  • MannyThoughts

    Pharell handled himself excellently in this interview.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    This whole issue of a black woman in an album cover was pointless and irrelevant

    • Cmon Son

      Total non-issue but he handled it with class

    • LuckyP

      exactly when them black bitches aint buying it legally anyways

      • Selorm Amuzu

        LMAO you are foul

        • LuckyP

          lol I’m just saying fam, for them to cause an uproar. support this man and his endeavors, then their opinions shall matter . I’m just keeping it 100

      • Black London


        • LuckyP

          foh .. weird ass nigga called me a cunt .. BOOOO THIS MAN

      • Damn Shame

        fam i hope your not black.. killing sisters on a message board.

        • LuckyP

          my bad farrakhan . i only call em bitches ’cause the bitches love it

          • Cmon Son

            Talking down on black women and quoting Drake, yeah you’re an herb

          • LuckyP


  • Theodore Pendergrass


    • Kingly_Caracter

      Gad damn you are insecure…wow.

  • jay

    people are so stupid, who cares about the cover of album anyways when your just dloading the thing to your phone or your comp. all i care about is the music which i hear is pretty good.

  • NativeKing

    charlamagne is such a bad interviewer…

    • LuckyP

      the nigga is worthless all across the board actually, thus being a bad interviewer by default.

    • NightBlazer

      He swears he’s the Howard Stern of the Hood, he’s a bum ass nigga

  • quote me

    Black Racism at its best.

  • GreenBergs

    pharrell is a part of the gay agenda being pushed onto urban males, its been this way for a while..

    • so dumb^

      Yeah you’re 100% correct with that assumption… bunch of chicks on your album cover screams gay…. go walk off a cliff

      • KingMe

        With an album called “GIRL”. Your turn to walk off the cliff… with the rest of the sheep.

  • DMVillain

    this makes total sense. Black women are completely and constantly overlooked. whether it be in advertisements or any other means of viable capital revenue. Darkskinned women have to stop being overlooked, especially by our own artists and entertainers. c’mon son! *ed lover voice*

    • Selorm Amuzu

      so what an artist can’t express his freedom without feeling his has to add black women to make them feel secure… aint that seeking male approval which is as bad if not worst than not having them on the artwork anyways. How many years has he been doing this and we are still asking how black is he lol, funny thing is even if he did add a black girl ( or dark-skinned), it wouldn’t make a difference.

  • Epul

    You can sugar coat it as much as you want Darkskinned women gets no props unless they bleach their skin and dye their hair blonde (Nicki, Rianaha, Beyonce and lil Kim

    • mooleymike

      Rianaha!?1? ahaha

  • BlackCrown216

    I agree with yall….he knew what he was doin throw in up a bright skin black women on there know in damn well he needed a dark skin chick up there…

  • Rap Zombie

    I understand the beef but in my opinion, if an artist has to do something that’s isn’t organic, than they are doing themselves a disservice. I love my sisters but I can’t make anyone else love them. Pharell is and has been opposing doors for our culture by doing things his way. We need to accept him for him and do things our way. Be happy

  • yorapper

    It’s his cover. He can put whatever he wants on it. When you put out an album you can put all the dark skinned girls you want on it. That might even be kinda dope!

  • Rob Aresti

    this is not a big issue at all, but what would the reaction be if the cover was all “dark-skinned” girls and there were no “light skinned” girls…oops thats right, there would be no reaction

  • Strong Enough

    is Pharrell teamnodarkbutts?

  • Capuccino

    pharell just keep doin u fam, us bloggers let u down for calling u out for such bullshit.. all girls are beautiful.. this shit is just immature now

  • Capuccino

    I’m italian (aka white) and I’m in love with a black girl… somebody please hate on me i dare u

    • sd

      aka white wasn’t needed tough guy

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