Beyonce & Jay Z “Drunk In Love” In UK



Beyoncé’s The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour continues and it drew its curtains this evening at The O2 Arena. During “Drunk In Love”, the hubby joined her for the performance.

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  • Hussle

    Beyoncé is flawless. Jay won

    • Wallace Fard Muhammad

      Jay’s career is flawless* is flawless. Bey won.

      *except maybe that one time with Nas. Shh

      • marty mcfly

        Jay didnt lose anything there either. The reason people say Jay lost to Nas is because it makes them feel good to say Nas did something better and most people have a little bit of hatred in they heart for Jayz because it hurts them to see him be so successful. Jay did Takeover, Got Myself A Gun/Superugly and Blueprint 2 (the song) all aimed at Nas. Nas just did Ether which to me is just a really funny song based on Nas Joking around more so then a diss record. I hear Ether and think its a comedic roast or something. Jay probably heard Ether and was dying laughing cause its funny. Nas talking about karate class and Jays looks and how he’s gonna clap up everybody on the Roc…. Like thats just comedy imo. Jays diss were like he was “just saying”, its not much emotion there, Jay was never mad and he wasn’t trying to be funny he was just saying pound for pound on all levels Nas can not fuck with him period.

        • Young Man

          WOW u are a STAN

          • marty mcfly

            Just keeping it real. Nas is dope no doubt and you could make a long list of his accomplishments but once you make a list of Jays its gonna show and prove bottom line. If you wanna make a lyrical argument thats fine too cause people wanna front like Jayz aint got just as much skill if not more then any MC period but again thats because when it comes to Jayz people will forever have a little bit of hate in they heart. Its one thing for rappers to rap as if their king this and that… but with Jay you know its not just rapping, its his reality.

          • Chronic

            For jayz fans I believe it’s actually jans

        • GreenBergs

          bro, u suffer from all types of dementia..

          • marty mcfly

            NO. When it comes to Jay vs Nas, people gonna said with Nas because of alot of personal bias and thats the truth. Its not about the Takeover or Ether its peoples own view on who they perceive as the good guy and the bad guy and what they consider “real” vs mainstream hip hop. Its was alot of people back then (even to this day sometimes) that refused to even acknowledge anything as being dope from Jayz and that was partly because they just feel some type of way, not because the music wasn’t dope.

          • marty mcfly

            SIDE with Nas because…

        • Michael Ibbett

          Thank are very right….ether is a great record tho none the less

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah Ether is a great record. Nas deserves all the respect he has earned thus far but I think people make it out as if Ether was like the ultimate diss. Its not, its a great record but when I heard it I just thought it was funny.

        • Esquire

          Ether wasn’t Nas’ only response to Jay though.

          • marty mcfly

            Well its the only one that matters. I can only think of one other time Nas responded to Jayz (I forgot the title) and that was no big deal cause the rhymes wasn’t hard. He just talked about Jayz but wasn’t really trying to go there. I’ll put like this, when Ether came out it gave Nas the opportunity to not have to fight Jay because Hot 97 just declared victory for Nas. Meanwhile Jay was still going and Ether didnt do anything to effect Jay at all. Jay came back with Gun Yourself A Gun/Superugly (ouch) and Blueprint 2 but by Hot 97 acting like they just wanted it over with (largely because they wanted to protect Nas from the full attack that Jayz could bring), they declared a victory for Nas right away as a way to end the beef asap. This is not me trying to diss Nas, I have the upmost respect for Nas but I just dont think he really wanted any drama with Jayz. Jayz would’ve kept going at Nas for as long as it took (like 50 did Ja), and after a while I think Nas woulda cracked first and waved the white flag. Thats my honest opinion. You got Nas, somebody who calculates and writes songs that serve as disses and you got Jayz, somebody who don’t write anything, he just goes in and if you listen to Blueprint 2 the song, Jay was saying ok now lets go to full out war and see who survives… After that Nas just stopped talking about it and I believe that was cause Nas really dont want no problems (On or off the mic). Not that he’s shook but at that point Jay had the game in a choke hold and battling him was not gonna end well.

    • GreenBergs

      i still believe the rumor that jay is a hermaphrodite..

    • GreenBergs

      the crazy thing is yall would love jay the same way if he had an even badder bitch than beyonce (that didnt sing or was involved in hip hop), thats facts right there….dude has been keeping her career alive for too long…this captain save a hoe shit gotta stop at some point..i find her fucking music unbearable and its unfair that the shit has to be played 24 hours a day on new york city radio….why is that necessary??

      • Hussle

        tell that to the millions of women “drunk in love”. Beyoncé’s success aint no fluke bruh

      • charla-may-ne

        captain save a hoe? Did you seriously just call Beyoncé a hoe? WTF is wrong with you? Keeping her career alive?! Jay stans wont like this but he is more mainstream and more accessible because of her… Jay reaches bigger platforms because of her… and Bey reaches the hiphop platform because of him .. marriage = balance … keeping her career alive?! loll I still cannot get over that… some of biggest songs have nothing to do with him and her world tours have nothing to do with him.. Beyoncé worth almost 300 mil without him
        Save that greensburg

  • Simba RichSlave
  • LOL

    Bey could pop that ass in my face, i’d tickle that asshole until she cums

  • Cheechdon

    Is there any other Female RnB Artist that matter to this Blog other than Beyonce and Rhianna

    • Snake

      Shut up! I pity the fool!

  • Technique8