New Mixtape: Master P The Gift (Return Of The Ice Cream Man)

the gift

I Scream. You Scream.

The ice cream man is back and is serving up his new bundle of music with, The Gift. Guests include Silkk The Shocker, Rick Ross, The Game, E-40 and more. Stream and download below.

Download here

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  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    baahahahahaaaaaaaaaa lmaooooooooooooooooooo

    • AKbar

      shout out to B dot for keeping it real

  • The Incredible Creation

    Come the fuck on Percy! I mean… You’re far removed from that “Ice Cream Man” album… I’m not even gonna listen to this (although u were one of my biggest “role models” as a child) but… just quit lol the cover for the original “Ice Cream Man” is better than this entire thing you’re trying to do here… sorry -_-

    • REALOG

      nobody cares what u think nigga

  • EvenOdd

    Damn glad Percy’s doing what he loves but no ones checking for this or anything else his camps putting out.

  • tututhebadboy

    I love P. But that old school “everything”, mixtape pic is for the old music only…No Limits’ were classic pics but, He should step up the Art IMO. I’ll still listen tho…

  • Frank Kennedy

    This dudes too old to have covers like this. Smh.

    • Wallace Fard Muhammad


    • REALOG

      this nigga started the covers like this

  • There’s Only One Johnny Rocco

    Ay yo- The music on track 10 feat. Gae is amazing though. Damn. I ain’t listen to anything else on it though, but daaaaaayum that beat is fire!!!!!!

    • shit

      i will say YES track 10 is type hot… “the world scared of cheif keef/he jus a lil nigga tryin ta eat”


    real nigga shit fuck the lames

  • cain45

    master p please put the mic down

  • AKbar

    Percy needs to chill the fuck out, nobody on earth wants to see this shit in this earth and besides who even calls him the ice cream man