New Music: A$AP Rocky x Gesaffelstein “In Distress”



From Kendrick Lamar to Chance The Rapper, the soundtrack to the film Divergent features a hip-hop who’s who. A$AP Rocky lends his contributions alongside producer Gesaffelstein on this electro wave.


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  • Chronic

    Kinda cool. Asap is quickly fallin off though

    • spliffstar

      He fell off as soon as the mention of skrillex on his album.. Dude had the most potential to take over the rap game. Turned into a pop princess.. He even wears the dresses.

      • AKbar

        his career went on a divergent, but his album is still growing like hair under my nose

      • Chronic

        Half the album was pop bullshit, but there were a couple really original sounding straight hip-hop records. But he needs to get back with SpaceGhost and bring back that sound that got him big

        • toldyouso

          spaceghost purp? first off.. spaceghostpurp only produced TWO songs for him.. purple swag and peso were the songs that got him big and they were produced by Ty Beats.. pop? the only song I could think of that was pop sounding were Fashion Killa. I can already tell you have no idea what youre talking about and just babbblin on bout shit giving SGP credit for his sound.

          • nicoswebaby

            Wait what? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard “Pretty Flacko” produced by SGP? Only that song is a great example of what these two cats did together, they were made for each other, SGP don’t really make any good beats anymore and is lazy as fuck on the mic, and Flacko also changed, I still fuck with him but that LiveLoveA$AP sound and style is always missing.

          • toldyouso

            so.. 1 song means sgp made his career? okay. thats not even the best song on

          • nicoswebaby

            That song wasn’t even on the mixtape.
            And saying that the both didn’t have a big influence on each other is just stupid.

      • Snake

        YOU’RE SMOKED THE FUCK OUT! Or just stupid!!!!!!! Asap Rocky HAS ALWAYS BEEN WACK AS FUCK AND STUPID. His raps are stupid. I hate that song he has with 2 Chainz too. It’s stupid! His ONLY and I MEAN ONLY MOTHAFUCKING good song ever was that track Wild for the Night with Skrillex. It was sick as fuck. Its played out now tho. But at festivals like EDC and Hard Summer that shit was sick. Anyways, fucku…dont be stupid and reply

    • toldyouso

      you must be deaf! fallin off? this is some of the hardest shit he ever spit.

  • Rap Zombie

    I’m confused with these comments the dude is actually spitting some dope shit. Flow is tight and all. To each his own I guess.

  • Distress!

    Super cool song…Wish I heard this on the radio