New Music: MJG x Rick Ross “24-7-365”


Cadillac Pimpin’.

Because the hustle never stops, MJG stays on his square with Rick Ross on this track off his upcoming solo effort.


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  • Your Father

    That 4 bar loop beat gets annoying quickly

    • wow

      i agree somewhat… good lyrics and vibe tho

    • Rap Zombie

      Yes I feel you but I got caught up in the vibe of the bass.

  • Mastermind

    What happened to MJG’s hair?l

  • Dialtone

    This joint funky!!!!!

    • AKbar

      there are two answers to this question; A, he got his hair permed to a pony tail running down his spine, or; B, he’s been taking Photoshop classes for you Illuminati gossipin’ asses

  • The Incredible Creation

    If there was no Rick Ross verse… This post wouldn’t exist… here on RR -_-

  • William James

    Should’ve been longer? Maybe