‘The Tanning Of America’ Documentary

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Sun Kissed.

Last night, VH1 rolled out the first episode of Steve Stoute’s documentary, The Tanning Of America. In this installment, pundits speak on hip-hop’s origins.

 Pt. 2: Fashion and hip-hop culture infiltrating the mainstream.

Pt. 3 Hip-hop becomes a cash cow.

Part 4: Hip-Hop’s influence in politics.



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  • wow

    solid! not too fast not too slow… just powerful bullet points! props to steve stoute

  • Rumando

    “After the VMA’s Annotatemy baby momma cussed my ass out
    I kicked her ass, we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stoute” @50cent

  • Strong Enough

    Rap radar promotes piracy

  • PTK

    this series is brilliant

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This series is sooooo necessary right now! Bravo!

  • Street-Life

    Can’t talk about HIP HOP without mentioning DJ KOOL HERC

    • Jerry

      DJ KOOL HERC??? LOL!! That’s a joke he sucks and no one has heard of him!

      • ilexx

        Jerry u couldn’t be serious right now.

  • Cyhiiii!

    Read his book a year back! Looking forward to watching this

  • Dwight Stewart

    powerful presentation. great job #stevestout shoutouts to #rakontur

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    didnt mention pac once…unbelievable


    No Pac? Failed to touch on a lot of things…some shit fox news would put out. Let’s tell half the story.

  • Omar Hameen

    Shit sucked.puff daddy documentary

  • ilexx

    I’m half way through the series and so far I’m loving it. I read a comment saying they didn’t mention pac once… If that really is sooo, that actually is extremely disappointing but so far its pretty good and a story that needs to be told.

    There are a lot of things about Hip Hop culture and black people in mainstream america that get touched on in this and I think people need to know this shit..

  • e g

    major lack of 2pac biggie or wu-tang… seriously?!

  • Ki_marie

    It’s so sad about some of these comments…this is something everyone should watch and pay attention too…Bravo for the courage to tell the story!!!!!

  • Dominick Banks

    i love this just remember there was at time when the only black heros we had were dead now look president black favorite singer black favorite musician black we have overcome….check out my music on gfmsquad.com thanks to the forefathers the hood still has hope

  • 5*g jmj4LA KING D roc supr8

    real rap real facts,,,,3rdegree burn was the tanning of america!!! ,og big homie had the balls n master plan to change the culture aftr the big n pac beef !!! jmj4LA king holla churcch on the mov !!!