New Music: Lupe Fiasco x Gizzle “DopeBoysAtAllStarWeekend”

all star

Hey Now, You’re an All-Star.

Picking up where he left off on “30s“, Lupe takes it back to the H-Town for last year’s All-Star weekend. Tetsuo & Youth coming soon

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  • THE guest

    that chorus though…really lupe?

  • idratherpostasguest

    prettty dope. peep the other two tracks he dropped this week (snitches 1 & 2) this sounds like a prequel to a larger storyline. wonder how/if he’s gonna drop a conclusion.

  • Hey U

    How is this not “Dumbing it Down”???

  • tha truth

    @Hey U it’s not simple one syllable rhymes or A B A B flow, just different subject matter painting a diff picture/story but it’s not “cat, hat, fat” rhyming. flow’s on point.