Pharrell’s “Happy” At The Oscars


Hollywood Happy.

Hollywood celebrated the 86th annual Academy Awards this evening. Pharrell’s nominated for Best Original Song and it was only right that he brought the number one song in the country chart topper to the stage.

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  • C

    that fuckin hat. smh

  • LP1087

    Knew they was gon jerk my dude. ” You didn’t really think you could win did you ? C’moooooon that nomination was for diversity silly……Now entertain us nigger”.

    • Danteiskool

      The song went platinum already, he’s already winning.

  • s

    pharrell has some balls to wear that in a place where you know they’re judging him

    • tmb

      come on dude its pharrell. lol he can wear whatever he wants. he doesnt care, never has

  • nerdywilliams

    Who knows the song from Frozen? Who knows Frozen? I mean the movie itself is one of Disney weakest stuff! The music nothing groundbreaking same ol same ol disney tunes we hear for the last 20 years! Happy has gone not only number one, but is a viral thing everywhere, congrats to Pharrell for the song i hope you make a lot of CA$H and give some back to VA!

  • titus tucker

    The ending was a Nardwar reference

  • Asia Howard

    i love this music video for Pharrell’s song HAPPY. i got the album too, its in stores now! —