Shots Fired At Diddy CIAA Party

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Men Down.

Two people were shot at a CIAA after-party last night hosted by Diddy, Future and Fabolous. According to police, an argument inside the Sheraton Charlotte hotel ballroom led to the shooting. No arrests nor suspects have been named.


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  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • el jim chapo guzman


    • Dwight Stewart

      2 niggas arguing over a female, Shots fired, men down…Just a guess.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        when you find out the real info hit me.

  • Ghost of the Night

    That’s what you get when you invite Shyne.

    • wow


  • EchoxHotel

    I cant believe ppl go to a division II college basketball weekend to party and i damn sure cant believe diddy and fabolous are hosting a party after a division II college tounament

    • Fam u must live in Africa lol this event draw more people then any college event every 5 years cities bid big money to bring this event to their city

      • EchoxHotel

        No i live in Virginia where the CIAA headquaters is and dnt nobody care until its tourney time. Its division II niggas & chicks only go for the parties

        • EchoxHotel

          And what cities bid big money to bring division II basketball tournament to they city it hasnt been here in Where the headquaters is so obviously not that many outside the ones that have schools in the division

          • bailey

            Actually, the CIAA headquarters is here located in Charlotte, NC! We have it for the next 6 years!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

          • EchoxHotel

            Good keep that bullshit in Charlotte, We MEAC ballers up here anyway, nobody care for the CIAA bottom barrel ass teams, people just go for the parties nobody cares about that chitlin’ circuit ass tournament lol

        • Oskie Woskie

          VA baby! Petersburg!

  • Antawn Buckley


    • alex

      what a rational way at looking at dozens of women who are actually experiencing the situation.

  • Sun Zoo

    reminds me of city college.

  • The Slim Reaper

    Damn I was planning on going too

    • Dwight Stewart

      lmao, you blew off a puff party?! stop it.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Only non-black ppl I saw were cops lol

    • Mihir

      Couldve just said white people, lol

  • t

    1 muthufucka fucks up the party and it was probably hella bitches in there…..

  • Dre Neal

    When them shots go off It 50s nah dat wasnt 50 dont holler my name! Kidd Kidd was there hmmmm

  • JD

    Anybody know when Mastermind is dropping?

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      Unfortunantly it got Cancelled due to lack of creative subject matter

      • MMG Suede

        shut the fxck up your tired

    • Seriously4

      It’s out now, they dropped it a day early

    • Dwight Stewart

      out now

  • charla-may-ne

    breakfast club was there too..
    did charlmagne get shot? No? somebody get that hitta a drop

  • There’s Only One Johnny Rocco

    And we STILL don’t know what Fiddy said to Steve Stoute

  • Sean Power

    it crazy how shot are fired and people 1st reaction is pull out there phone and record

    • nicoswebaby

      you mean to tell me, before the phones came, people did shit about the situations?

  • Carlito R

    No Dress Code for dudes??? Looks like only the ladies were all dressed up in dresses and heels. Dress codes “usually” attracts a certain type of men who don’t go to events with guns.

  • Dwight Stewart

    YAWK, YAWK, YAWK…man down, where you from… I guess they don’t like that song in real life.

  • Dwight Stewart

    What the hell are these guys wearing?

  • Peekay

    can’t stand Diddy. I wish he would just go away from hip-hop.

  • El Moreno

    whats crazy is that 20 years ago this same shit happen in harlem at a n event diddy was hosting, im sure that nigga thinking like “fuck,not again”

  • RapReal

    Not a classy negro in sight.

  • Michael Ibbett

    [email protected] hood black people and guns, this makes me want a new saints row game to take it back to hood shit

  • Fiend

    niggers fuckin ruin everything B

  • TH

    When a 40 year old woman at work is talking about “going to CIAA” with friends on Facebook…something ain’t right…

  • Fuck this shit !

  • This shit giving all hbcu’s a bad name ..

  • EchoxHotel

    No i live in Virginia where the CIAA headquaters is and up until a couple of years ago it wasnt popular as it is now, niggas dnt even attend the ciaa schools regular seasons games

  • CG


  • staci

    It’s so unfortunate that this event has come to this. I use to attend years ago when I was in college. It seems that most of the people who attend now a ‘re uneducated and classless people. When the hood rats start attending events like this, this is what happens!!!

  • Technique8


  • Me

    It’s hella scantily clad broads in there and niggas are trying to kill each other??? Word?

  • Anthony Hd

    niggas shootin at a nigga party hosted by some niggas at a nigga event………………..anyone here really surprised?

  • s0rethumb

    Welp! There goes my decision, definitely not intending to attend the Revolt Music Conference now. Puff means well