• SmoothG718

    A lot of producers are catching on and breaking down their beats. Opens peoples ears which is great.

    Jake One is deff a good producer though

  • eg

    this is my favorite track off of the album


  • I love videos like these. Seeing how a producer works is dope.

  • spliffstartling

    The love for this guy is because of that new 50 right?? Nice. Good job fif.. I suggest checking out the Freeway and Jake One collabo cd.. The beats made by Jake 1 are insane on that CD.

  • Hussle

    Jake One is one of the dopest out now

  • Qaadiru Rashaad


  • He makes beats for boyscouts

    What’s that hip hop? A producer from Seattle? Ketchup

  • brza

    good stuff a lot of work goes into some of these records and it’s great to see the process